Roxanne Smith MUS 275 Charles Morris Concert Review #1 Concert Review on “Morey Senior Outreach Concert”, CMU This concert was a concert like nothing I have attended before. It had a combination of everything we have discussed in class. The organizers of this event established a well thought out way of putting on the show that made it interesting. There was not one moment that I felt tired or bored it was very amusing. Like I had mentioned before it was a little bit of everything we are studying in class. It had Opera, Jazz, Orchestra, Choir; the piano was played a lot and even some strings and woodwinds.

I will discuss each piece in more detail. . . It started with a piece of music written by Johann Sebastian Bach, this was done on the organ Prelude and Fugue in B-flat Major, BWV 560. I was able to tell this was a major key as well as it was familiar to me because we have listened to Bach. It was amazing the sound of that versus just listening to the music on the radio it gives a new meaning to the music when it is witnessed live. The second performance was a soprano and a baritone singing “Mimi- Speravo di trovari qui! ” from La Boheme.

This was neat it sounded like a mini opera but I am not sure exactly. The performers did a wonderful job. I could feel the emotions when they were singing. This was a moderato, soprano and a baritone singing. The third performance was just piano playing. It was very soft and sweet.

“Ruby, My Dear” was allegro soft and tender. I think it was in duple meter. The next performance was a vocal jazz ensemble this was one of my favorites. It was easy to be able to recognize the different pitches in each of the singer’s voices I could tell they were all very talented and worked hard.This was very lively I would call it vivace. It had high notes and moves with steps. Concerto in E Minor for Bassoon was really neat. I have never seen a bassoon played live it looked like a very difficult instrument to play.

It moved slow I could tell it was a Minor key. “O du mein holder Abendstern” was sung by a baritone. I thought it sounded like fortissimo. The dynamics was allegro. “Je veux vivre” from Romeo and Juliet I loved this one! It was definitely vivace and the singer did a great job. It was sung with a soprano. I could also feel the emotion in this performance.

The notes got so high it would make my ears ring. It was moving. I enjoyed the emotional aspect of this concert. “Over There” was played on the marimba. I have never seen this instrument. I loved it! It was really cool the sound it made. It was a duple meter, had crescendos and decrescendo, it was a minor key.

“Why Do People Fall In Love”, was done by a mezzo-soprano and done well, it was a song I have heard before so I wasn’t super excited on this one but like I had said earlier I enjoyed it all. “Maria” from West Side Story also sounded familiar.This was allegro and sung as a tenor. This song had a lot of feelings in it and I felt sad emotions from the song. “Excursion, No. 1” was piano only and it was allegro as well. This gentleman did a great job.

I thought it was a duple meter. “This is the Moment” from Jekyll and Hyde was sung as a baritone. It was a minor key, allegro. I heard this before so I was waiting for something I had never heard before.

Chamber Singers was the last performance and it was my all time favorite at this concert. The first was Dieu: Qui la fait bon regarder from Afro-American Fragments.It was sang by a choir and it moved in leaps but in context. The sopranos would sing then the alto would come in the baritone it was so great. This is a great way to see how amazing just the voice can be with nothing else. Overall this was a great experience for me. I was able to feel a lot of the music and it definitely help to understand our class.

I am really excited about the next review. Before I had went I didn’t think it was something I would enjoy, but because we have studied this stuff in class I was more familiar with it and I enjoyed it.


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