On Saturday, April 24, 2010, Stony brook University department of music organized a concert conducted by Rossen Millanov. I enjoyed the beautiful and harmonious orchestra and learned a lot as follows. Rainbow Body was composed by Christopher Theofanidis, an American composer who teaches at Yale University music department. This orchestral work was created in April, 2000 and won the British Masterprize competition in 2003. This chapter is made of major key melodies and performed by strings ensemble, which consists of four string instruments such as two violins, a viola and cello.It plays an important role in chamber music.

The chapter Plano Concerto No. 1 in D minor, Op. 15 is created by Johannes Brahms.

It is considered as a sonata for two pianos in March of 1854. He stroke a balance between his symphonic and pianistic conceptions and revised his work in the following four years. This piano concerto is made of three parts.

The first two parts, Maestoso and Adagio are pastoral and plain. In my opinion, I feel boring and tedium about them. The part Rondo, Allegro began with minor keys but end with major keys.It is 4/4 meter and compound duple. This part is a conversation between piano and orchestra and repeat several times in total. After intermission, here came an orchestration named Pictures at an Exhibition.

It is composed by Modest Mussorgsky and orchestrated by Maurice Ravel. The work created for memorizing the composer’s friend Victor Harman, an architect, illustrator, and designer. His friends hold an exhibition of his works and Mussorgsky attempted to obtain the most splendid moment of musical “pictures” for solo piano.Promenade is the same progress to change to another key such as major or minor keys.

The first Promenade started with a major key and is 5/4 plus 6/4 meters. Later on, the part Gnomus described a picture of dwarf and it is funny, interesting and humorous after all. The Old Castle illustrated a picture about grandeur and magnificent structure. Bydlo showed a slow progress of cattle pulling a cart in a vivid and bright stone. The parts Ballet of The Chicks In Their Shells and The Great Gate At Kiev are the most charming parts to me.

The former one portrayed a band of delightful children in colorful costumes. The melody is much softer and more happy which performed by piano is better. However, the latter involved horses entering and onlookers gazing which is more astonishing and stronger in rhythm.

The orchestra is preferred to express this vibrant and forceful presence in sound. To sum up, this symphony orchestra is colorful and brilliant. The texture is polyphonic.

Through this concert, I gained more knowledge about orchestra and grasp an effective method to listen a concert.


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