There have been lots of system of government implemented in the world fot the centuries. But there are 2 types of system of government that are different from each other: Monarchy, Democracy. Let’s start with the first: Monarchy. What we call as monarchy is the sytem of government ruled by a king or queen. Generally people succeeding to the throne are members of the same family. Whatever king or queen wants is to be done.

Otherwise, there are some punishment given to people. In some governments, these punishments are very cruel, while in the others they are more tolerant.Do you think there is any advantage in monarchy system? It may sound stunning, but there is. Imagine that king or queen is so fair that every thing in the country runs so faultlessly. Probably not only government but also seciety would be so glad at living in that country. As this condition may exist, the other condition may also happen. If king and queen govern so cruelly, then society would probably be unhappt to be in that country and there would be so many riots that ruin prosperity of the country.

I guess, who king or queen is and how their attitude is are very important points in deciding whether monarchy is a good or bad government system. The other different government system is ‘Democracy’. Democracy is a form of government in which people freely elect representatives to govern them. In democratic countries, what majority want is implemented. We can say it is an advantage.

Democracy also has some disadvantages. As you know, what majority want is not always what you want. So, every decision may not make you feel pleased.You may think there are so many things carried out wrongly. However, If society is enough conscience and knows what will be god or bad for the future, then they can make a right decision about everything.

I think, it is about the education rate in the country. More conscience people there are, wiser decisions will be made. If we want democracy to run correctly, we must educate people efficiently first. To sum up, the best government system depends on some conditions.

It changes according to people,time and place. But I think, democracy is much wiser than the others.


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