For long time ago to nowadays, most of people still understand that coconut oil or any foods that made from coconut milk are dangerous for human health.

Because it is a saturated fat which is causes of many diseases. Therefore, many people believe that coconut oil cannot help people lose weight, cause of heart disease, and increase the obstruction of acne. However, there are currently proving the truth of coconut oil’s effects. The results show that its effects are completely reverse from traditional beliefs entirely.Although people believe that coconut oil is bad for health, there are three evidences proved that it can help people lose weight, against heart disease, and decrease obstruction of acne. Some people feel that coconut oil cannot help people lose their weight. People have been believed for long time ago that it brings high cholesterol and cause of their over-weight. Here is one research shows exactly opposite result.

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Chomchalao (2005) identified that coconut oil motivates high body’s heat in thermogenesis process which makes the metabolism or energy burning system works better than normal.Therefore, people who usually eat coconut oil are not fat. Moreover, it also can change itself to energy immediately after eat and stimulate thyroid work harder (Chomchalao, 2005).

Thus, the body will bring the previous collected fat to burn for energy and absolutely can help people get rid of their fat. The next, some people think that coconut oil also causes of heart disease. While it may true that it is cause of heart attract, there is evidence proved that opposed answer.Fife (2009) argues that coconut oil enlarges HDL cholesterol which is good cholesterol that assists defend against heart disease. It shows certainly that coconut oil is not only protecting heart disease, but also decreasing risk of heart attract. More important, Chomchalao (2005) proved that the cholesterol in coconut oil has fewest. It also has vitamin E that can expand blood vessels and protect the coagulation of vessels which is the direct cause of heart disease.

Therefore, the result from researches proved the fact that coconut oil completely helps protect heart attract and reduce the risk too. The last, some people also understand that coconut oil increases the obstruction of acne. Using it on face can obstruct and transform to acne in spite of the fact that it can clean the pore and get rid of acne. From the experiment, when we chewing gum together with coconut oil, gum will slowly dissolve in the mouth and eventually disappear (as cited in Natural Mind, 2009).It should be the evidences and people believed about coconut oil in the past are misunderstand the truth. Even though people have been believed for long time ago that it makes them over-weight, causes of heart disease, and obstructs on their face, there are three evidences confirm that it assists people lose their weight, protect heart disease, and get rid of acne.

Therefore, I think we can change our health to be better, just only choose coconut oil now.


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