Asra’a Al-Rashed 209113289 Dr. Eman AL-Qallaf 19th. Dec. 2010 Cleo From 5 to 7 The film constructed femininity through the reflection of society . The main characters of the film were : Cleo ,Angele, Antoine ,Doritie and Dr. Valiono . First , Cleo was shown with a fortune teller ,who told her to draw three cards that represented her past ,present and future . Cleo drew the hangman card that reflected illness ,and a card with skulls on it that reflected death . Cleo was a very superficial woman .

In fact , there was a part of the first scene when she looked at herself in the mirror and said : “Butterfly don’t rush as long as I’m beautiful then I’m alive ” . People around her thought of her as a spoiled whiny child . Men flirted with her all the time ,as there was this scene where a man who works at the cafe offered her a free coffee and students were chasing her . In the third chapter of the movie which took place at the hat store ,it was noticed that Cleo was admiring herself when she tried all the hats at the store and said to herself that everything suited her .

Again appeared the notion of superstitious when Angele, her housekeeper, told her not to wear new clothes on Tuesday ,because it’ll jinx her . Cleo was a famous pop star ,as the lady who worked at the hat store asked Cleo for her autograph . There were a lot of interesting perspectives of the third scene . First Cleo took a taxi that was driven by a lady . Then the audience can hear political views through the radio along with feminine ones . For example ,there was the whisky shampoo for women that revitalized their hair ,Poushinka the space puppy and the female parachutists and the riot works at Algeria .

Cleo wanted people to understand her fears instead of focusing on her beauty . In fact , when she told her lover that she was waiting for her cancer test results ,he was indifferent and told her that men hated illness and her beauty was her health . The 6th scene was the dramatic transformation of Cleo . She took off her wig ,wore black and didn’t seem to care about superstitious beliefs anymore . she only watched herself ,no one watched her and that wore her out . In the end she met a random man in the park called Antoine and expressed her fears to him . and e paid attention to her feelings and fears more then he did to her looks . She revealed her insecurities ,as she was afraid of birds ,needles ,lifts and the great fear of death . Antoine added a sense of humor to the film ,as he saw the ring on Cleo’s finger with a frog and pearl on it ,then told her that the ring represented him and her . The film was mostly about waiting ,as Cleo waited two days for her results . she went to the hospital with Antoine ,Dr. Valiono told her that the results were positive but with two months of treatment she’d be healthy again .

Cleo didn’t care about death and she was happy, because she realized that she didn’t need to fit a certain image to live up to people’s expectations and she finally got over her fears and insecurities . Agnes Varda was the director of Cleo from 5 to 7 . it was her second film . she was born on the 1928 . she was a professor at European Graduate School . Her movies and art installations focus on feminist issues ,realism and social commentary . She received the golden lion of the Venice film Festival for the 1985 documentary- style feature film . She was considered one of the leaders of the cinematic French new wave .


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