There has been more than a thousand kidnappings through out the years, people make those mistakes and hurt them self and others. The book that I did my essay on is called The kidnapping Of Christina Lattimore by an amazing author, Joan Lowery Nixon.

Christina was just one of those teens with dreams and tons of friends and was popular at school, until she had a turn around in her family’s life. Who would do such a thing, taking a young kid? Not even thinking about there future and what her future could be. This book is really good because it’s suspenseful and the vocabulary is great.

The whole book it amazing. The setting was in a basement, some where on the city. Christina had always been with her best friend Christabel. Christabel had always been there for her, more then her own family was.

Christina went to Christabel’s house to hangout. It hit 11:30 real fast, Christina’s curfew was at 11:45 and she lived right down the street. She got home and read her favorite book. She was always reading in her spare time. She had fallen a sleep and didn’t wake up until 11:15 the next day. She had heard a noise and ran down stairs.

The door was right open. Her book was gone and so were her keys.She went to Christabel’s after school and told her the whole thing.

They both thought it was weird. They hung out and did homework and the time flew by fast again, like it always did. Christina packed her books away in her back pack and got ready to leave.

She stepped out and someone grabs her arm. She try’s to scream but cant. This guy in a black mask starts whispering in her ear. She can’t understand him. “He keeps his name from me- or so he thinks. ” (79) She knows she’s seen him, those eyes, she just can’t remember where. As she and he walk to the car, she realizes who he was.She gasps but doesn’t say a word.

They had pulled up to a house in the city and he threw her in the basement. She was so cold, she didn’t no what to do. He comes down a couple minutes later (with the mask on) and gave her some food. It was chili with crackers and he also gave her a blanket.

He went back up and an hour or so later came back down. He got the food and gave her, her book. She asked him how he got it but he just laughed and went back up to the house.

“I settle myself on the cot with the book and my hairbrush. ” (87) She was so focused on why he would to this. She never did nything to him. They didn’t even talk that much, she didn’t no the guy. Christabel had been calling Christina for days and so had her family.

The guy that had took Christina had left and she knew it. She climbed up the stairs and stood up. She looked around for a second and she saw her phone on the kitchen counter. She grabbed it and saw that she had 23 missed calls. Mostly from Christabel of course, she called her mom and she didn’t answer. Then she called her dad and no answer from him ether. She called Christabel and she answered right away.

She tried to tell her the story but couldn’t.Christabel asked where she was at and came right away. “Minutes later she’s outside, I turn the dead bold on the front door. ” (229) Christina and Christabel ran to the car and went to her house.

No one was home but the maid. Christina’s parents got home and they were so happy to see her. Christina told her family everything that happened. They never found out why he had did this he had been caught though. She hadn’t gone any where for a couple months. I recommend this book to people that like hoer story’s/books.

It has a impressive story line and the ending is really good. The author is great!


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