There are many challenges a writer faces when writing a paper. One of these challenges is fragment sentences in the paper. It can happen often. It is when sentences do not have a subject or a verb in the same sentence. The result of a fragment sentence causes the sentence not to be complete. This can make the paper flow badly. Writing a paper must flow well to get the readers attention and not become so easily bored or confused.

Another challenge would be having an unclear thesis when writing a paper. This means that the main point does not relate clearly to the thesis of the paper you are writing.This also can lose the attention and interest of the audience. Writers block is also a challenge for a writer. Writers block is where the writer cannot think of anything to write. This can be frustrating and hard to overcome.

Finally, one of the most common challenges that arise when writing is grammar. Even though it sounds simple you need to understand how language works. When there are grammar issues in your writing it makes the paper seem unprofessional. There are a lot more challenges in writing, but these are some of the main challenges. The strategies I would use to overcome these challenges are: First, fragment sentence.I would have to learn what a subject and verb are. To make complete sentence you need both a subject and a verb.

There are many sources I can use to help figure what is the subject and the verb if needed. Second, to have a clear thesis I need to have paragraphs that relate clearly to the thesis sentence. One main thing is to stay on topic and being detailed. Relating clearly to the thesis of the paper by having the thesis sentence at the beginning, this can help the reader understand how the point and not jumping from one subject to the other.

Overcoming writers block can be very difficult. I try to take small breaks to avoid writers block. Research on the subjects and find out what others say about the topic enables me to write more about the subject. Finally, how can I overcome grammar issues? There are a lot of software and other sources to help me with my grammar. Microsoft Word is a great tool to use and also a dictionary. Correct grammar can be tricky. I take breaks and recite my paper aloud. Doing this will allow me to catch any error I my have.

These strategies can be incorporated in writing an academic paper.


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