The word “Chakra” means weehl. Buddhist refer to it as “ The weehl of life and death”. As we all know, our body is controlled by our brain and our spinal cord, where we can find seven major points of energy. It is believed that our spiritual energy enters through those seven energy points called chakras.

Two of our chakras are located in our head, four can be find within the spinal cord, and the last one is located between our anus and our genitals. The Tantric doctrine considers the human body as the perfect instrument and the only one that allows the expression and expansion of our conscience .But such perfection can only be achieved as our chakras develop through meditation. All of our chakras have different functions, the ones in the head control our nervous system, our emotions and all the psychic stuff. The ones located in our spinal cord control the circulatory system, digestive system, and our sexual organs, and the last one is the source of energy for the growth of our system. A couple of weeks ago I attended to a chakra session. The session took place at Jenny Stoppen’s house.

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She is the lady in charge of the sessions.The main reason I decided to attend this event is because I have always been very interested in Hinduism and Buddhism, and both of this religions are very involve with meditation and the chakras, but I never actually got involved with it, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to get in touch with my spiritual side. The first time I entered the room I notice I was the only girl of my age. There where no more than 6 or 8 people, and they were all grown ups, and only one of them was a man. The session started around 2. 00 PM and it did not last more than three hours.Once everyone was in the room Jenny started talking, she gave us an introduction about the chakras, and she explained us how everyone of us are energy, and therefore we can transmit energy. This session was for us to have a better understanding about the chakras, and to learn how to use them.

We all sat down in a couch and chairs sort of in a circle facing Jenny. I notice that at first when we all came in, we were all kind of quite and with a serious look on our face, but after our first meditation I could see everyone was more relaxed. I could feel the serenity in the atmosphere. There was something about that air that just made me feel t peace, nobody had to tell you that you were welcome, you could feel it. During the session we did not really interact with each other, we were listening to everything Jenny had to say. After all she was giving us all the information that we need it. There were only a few activities through out the session. We had two meditations, and before we left Jenny opened our chakras.

In order to do so she moved her hand through our chakras with a distance of about an inch between our body and her hands. She was using her chakras to transmit us energy so our chakras could open. Not anyone who has their chakras open can open someone elses.They must first reach a certain level of meditation, and they have to learn more about how to use their chakras because the more you learn the more the chakras will open.

Within the first two levels one is able to use their chakras to transmit energy and help others. But to be able to help someone else open their own chakras one must be in level 5. Every level can be achieved through meditation and with the guide of someone who is qualified.

After the session I approached Jenny, so we could have a conversation in order to understand what all of this meant to her. I asked her to explain me exactly how the chakras were a part of her daily life.She explained that in order to keep your chakras open you have to meditate every day for 5 to 30 minutes. She uses her chakras to help other people feel better by transmitting energy, for example if someone has a headache she would place her hand in the chakra located on top of the head and the other hand where it hurts, and by concentration she would then transmit her energy through her chakras and the pain would go away. “There are many people who are very skeptical about this methods, including my husband, but I have been able to help many people. I could not ask for a better gratification”.

She also explain to me that this method is for the well of human kind, not just for our own benefit. If we use our chakras for our own benefit, they will close. Jenny is a very spiritual person who has attended many spiritual courses of different kind.

She meditates everyday to keep in touch with her spiritual side, to keep in touch with her chakras in order to expand her conscience and her perspective. I was also very curious to understand how our chakras worked, and she explained me that “we are energy, and our chakras are seven different areas where our energy is highly concentrated, every chakra has ts own function, through meditation we can increased that energy, and we can also learn how to control and direct that energy”. It was very clear to me what our chakras worked for, and I knew what I had to do in order to be more in control of them and how to use them, but I still did not know how long it would take me for me to be control of my chakras. Jenny said that with meditation I was going to be able to increase my energy and have more control over my chakras, but in order for me to reach the next level someone qualified had to guide me, meaning someone who has already reached a high level.She made very clear to me “you do not need someone to guide you all the time to use your chakras, you can do that on your own.

You only need a guide or an instructor to reach the next level, someone who can teach you what you still do not know. ” I could still not fully understand why the chakras had levels, or what was the difference between each level. Soon I learned that in the first three levels you can use your energy to help someone next to you, in the fourth level you can also help people in long distance, like in two different states.And once you reached the fifth level you can help people open their chakras, and you can also guide them to reach a next level. Once I was done with the interview Jenny wanted to make very clear that this sessions was specially to learn how to use our chakras to cure people by transmitting energy.

She said to me that the chakras are a very extensive topic, that there is much more to it than what I just learned. She said that “being in control of our chakras is a very important key for introspective, since through our chakras we can observe our self and at the same time the movement of energy. I also approached someone who was participating in the session like me in order to have a different perspective about what the chakras mean to him. His name is Alberto, the only man in the session. He explained me that he has always been a very spiritual man. Meditation has always been a part of his life, but unfortunately recently a member of his family got sick. That is why when he heard that Jenny was doing a session to teach how to use our chakras to cure someone else, he immediately was interested. He is a very irm believer of the power of our minds and of our capacity to transmit energy, positive energy.

Our chakras are our points of energy, these points of energy emanate light. The chakras as a whole do not have a single symbol that represent them. But each individual chakra has a symbol that represents it, although they are all different they are very similar in structure.

Each symbol has a different color, they all have a circular structure, and they all also have “petalos”. Even though they all have “petalos”, they all have a different quantity of them.I notice that in the living room where the session took place there were no pictures or images representing this symbols, so after the session I approached Alejandra, one of the woman who participated in the session, and I asked her If she knew what the colors or the quantity of “petalos” meant. She said that they had something to do with its own energy, but she was not very sure, therefore she suggested me a book “ The Chakras, 100 questions and answers”. Since this was not only my first session about chakras, I realized that I was not the only one who did not fully understand the meaning of the symbols.Jenny tried to explain that there is more than one factor that influences a chakras light. For example how much energy we put into certain chakra, the more energy the stronger the chakra’s light will get.

Through out the interview and the session there was a ruling feeling of relaxation in the atmosphere, if at the beginning of the session I felt that we had a serious look on our face that all changed after the first meditation. I believe we were all a little more loosen up and ready to take in what Jenny had to say.I was not able to talk to every single member of the group, but since this was not just any ordinary session of meditation I could figure out the main reasons why these people wanted to be part of this sessions. I believe it was very obvious that everyone in the room is in touch with their spiritual side because as I just mentioned this was not an ordinary meditation session, someone who was not spiritually orientated would have attended to a normal meditation class. That left me with two main reasons, the first one would be Alberto’s reason to attend, this could have been like a course to learn who to used their chakras to help other people.And the second reason I came up with is that in comparison this can be only an introduction, some people might want to get more involve with their chakras, and they took this session to open their chakras and to start learning how to used them. Further more, due to a lack of knowledge, on our side, Jenny used basic language to describe the functions of the chakras. I believe the reason Jenny used basic language to explain everything is because we were all new to this subject .

If she would have used any jargon the majority of the participants, including myself, would not have understood, unless they would have any previous knowledgeable about this subject, or if Jenny would have explained the meaning of the word. But since she did not use any jargon this was not the case. In conclusion, our chakras are way more than just a specific spot of energy in our body. Being in touch with our chakras does not only help us help others, but it also help us to be more in touch with our emotions, with how we perceive the world, and how we perceive our self in the world.

It is a balance between our mind and our body. Through chakra meditation we are able to set our mind in a deeper state of awareness and relaxation, we can learn how to expand our conscience. We might have all arrived to this session for different reasons, but I am very secure that we are all going to apply these teaching to our daily lives. Never have I felt such a strong desire to get in touch with my spiritual side.

To change my lifestyle into a more spiritual one


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