Cause/Effect: illegalizing Marijuana and its effect on the people The illegalization of hemp/marijuana was enforced in 1937 under the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act, which prohibited the use, sale and cultivation of hemp/marijuana in the United States. As time progressed more regulations were placed under this ‘narcotic’ which is classified as a “schedule 1 drug” by the FDA. The prohibition of the drug enabled many movements and research to see if this herb can be used for good.In the later years and even today, marijuana is still illegal in most states and is 100% illegal under federal law, meaning any DEA agent can and has the obligation to arrest anyone with over an ounce of marijuana, and is charged with a federal crime. During the 1960’s, smoking marijuana cigarettes or “joints” became popularized with the Hippie Movement. This was the time of the Vietnam War, and the people not fighting in the war began to express love and peace and tranquility while smoking their joints.This later placed marijuana under the category of “gateway drug” and became a taboo or a wrong thing to do in the eyes of many people.

The widespread use of the “drug” caused many people to begin to question if it had any good to it or if it can be taxed for more revenue for the government. The in return set into effect extensive research of the plant to see if it had any medical purpose or even a chance for the government to tax and gain revenue. Weed has been given a criminal label and a bad rep.Most of the research for Marijuana has been researched for medical use to see if it would have any effect as a cure or reliever of pain, illness or disease. Scientists have found that cannabis can be used as a medicine to treat nausea, pain and muscle spasms. It alleviates symptoms of glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, migraines and other debilitating ailments. Patients of these diagnoses seek the use of medical marijuana to cope with their day, and due to the illegalization of the medicine, acquiring this “drug” requires that you have a medical marijuana license in a state that has allowed for medical marijuana to be prescribed.This enforcement of the law has caused many people to distribute marijuana underground, opening the gateway to personal use and abuse.

Today Marijuana has been legalized at the state level for many states in the United States. This is done through numerous ‘dispensaries’ spread throughout the states and the medical marijuana is only distributed to anyone with a medical license for prescribed marijuana.The cause for this breakthrough in the distribution and use of the drug was done by all the people and patients that medicate with marijuana and the effect it has given people the courage to stand up and fight for the legalization of marijuana. Countless documentaries, debates and article have been made or written to end the ban of marijuana and legalize the plant that the DEA’s own administrative law judge concluded: “marijuana is one of the safest, therapeutically active substances known to man” (1988).Illegalizing marijuana caused many people to fight for a cause and their battle affected the lives of many people who see marijuana as there source of happiness and tranquility.

Marijuana has no sever side effect and continues to prove people wrong when they view it has a hazardous source for a good high: “More than 400,000 Americans die from diseases related to cigarette smoking each year, More than 150,000 Americans die of Alcohol abuse each year, BUT NO ON HAS EVER DIED FROM MARIJUANA”


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