Sometimes spending a night out in the wilderness is what is needed and wanted in a camping trip. However with technology finding its way into outdoor hobby, are you truly getting the same experience? The ideal outdoor experience is just to kick back and listen to nature and at night admire the stars. It puts the mind at ease when you stray from the fast life and enter the calm outdoors.

RV’s can hide this side of camping. With tenting, however, there are no limitations and no distractions to the experience of camping. Camping is one of the least expensive hobbies, especially when your means of camping is to use a tent rather than a RV.For little to no money, you could enjoy a nice outing in the wilderness.

Even though camping is inexpensive, RV’s make camping unaffordable to some. For example, a 2011 Winnebago Tour is for sale for $359,603. (Camping) With tents there is a tremendous difference in price, ranging from about a $20 tent to a $500 tent. Tenting, per night, is cheaper than staying in a motor home in the same circumstances. A major reason camping is less expensive is because there are state run campgrounds, which fund the preservation and maintenance of the campground.

These state run campgrounds are located all over the United States and near major wildlife preserves allowing true nature to be witnessed by campers. There are two types of RV’s. The first type is a motor home, a highway drivable home that you can park at any campground and expect to live there. The second type of RV does not have a motor in it.

It is not drivable and requires an alternate towing vehicle to allow travel, such as a towing capable truck. The combination with the truck and the RV creates a motor home. There is not a noticeable difference in price. However when camping in a tent an additional towing vehicle is not necessary.Motor homes are made to make you feel as comfortable as if you were in your own home. Yet motor homes also cost about the same, if not more, than a real home, which brings up the question of why anyone who wants the outdoor experience would get a RV. Tents have been updated alongside motor homes as well; they are no longer the mediocre style of camping. They have become more luxurious and have been transformed to overcome the elements.

Also camping tents can now occupy up to 9 people and can be hooked up to support a television (Camping). However, tents keep the outdoor experience intact.RV’s are not able to stand alone like a tent.

They need a power source along with water and dumping. Because of this, campgrounds are appearing everywhere with these necessities. The majority of these new campgrounds are being placed in urban areas since it is easier to get those necessities to the campground. These campgrounds are no longer a place to go camping: they have become similar to a trailer park. The new breed of campground doesn’t allow as much area for tenting, which makes them even more unlike a campground.

As with hotels, campgrounds make you pay for the number of nights you would like to stay.With an RV things are prone to break down. If they do during a camping trip it could disrupt your trip. With tenting there is no need to worry about things breaking down because your tent isn’t the thing that will bring you back home.

Also tents can be easily fixed. With motor homes the chances of getting it fixed as soon as possible are impractical. Not having a fun camping trip increases because if the motor home breaks down all the possibilities for fun fall apart. A tow truck would need to be called to transport the broken down RV to a shop that can fix it.

Fixing and repairing RV’s are expensive.Parts have to be ordered in which makes the final bill a lot larger. With tenting there is only one bill and no extra costs. Tenting is cheaper, easier, and allows you to experience nature completely. The original belief of camping has been altered with the production of motor homes, but a true experience can only come from camping outdoors in a tent.

Technology has created exciting options to choose from, but the exciting traits alter the experience. Tenting keeps you one with nature: you get to hear the beautiful noises of the outdoors and get to gaze upon the stars. Work Cited Camping World.

7 June 2008. 16 November 2010 .


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