For many years people tend to worry about health and how it affects their children. Health has been a huge issue due to the fact that 9 million adolescents are considered overweight.

More and more children are being diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, mellitus, sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, cancer, depression, and other psychosocial disorders that can have a tragic affect on today’s youth because of being overweight.School districts have been complaining that many students have that predicament. The problem is not only what they are fed outside in their everyday life, but also what they are given in their schools cafeteria for their lunch. “There are many things that contribute to this epidemic and school cafeteria food is partly to blame”. There have been a couple of cases where kids had to be taken to the hospital because of diseases, and they all had something familiar, they were obese.With the struck of luck all the parents who have lost their children do to these deadly diseases have in fact accused cafeteria food as being the main catastrophe for these tragic deaths. Cafeteria food has always been over greased, and not cooked to the best of its ability, but over the years is has taken an overwhelming decline to where it is nauseating to even look at. Although some students do eat it, most cannot.

Why has it come down to this? I believe it is time to change what they serve at our schools. Our parents give money out of their pockets as taxes to better the environment we are surrounded by.It’s time they use that money to better the food they serve at schools and actually get our money’s worth. A plate given to you by the lunch lady containing greasy cold pizza, grilled chicken that looks like rubber, chicken fried steak that has over an inch of breading, or watered down tasteless soups is not as appetizing as everyone makes it out to be. Undercooked hamburger, moldy bread, and brown lettuce sounds nasty, this is what many students have to look forward to when eating in the cafeteria. Food looking that appalling has caused students to bring their own food, or buy junk food from the “snack shacks” the school provides.The downfall to this would be that the school looses a lot of money because the money they make off the snack shack is not used for school needs. Is this why we end up getting the disgusting food they serve? Most students still have to pay a fee to eat that food.

I do not find the point of paying for something you do not like eating, but have to eat because school does not end for about another three hours or so. Most parents lie on their food application just so that their kids can get free lunch due to the fact that the food is not worth spending the $2. 50 they charge for the kids that do not qualify.The students are not asking for food from high quality restaurants, but we are asking for food that is not drenched in grease, and is actually cooked well not like the pizza they serve where you cannot tell what the difference between the cheese and bread is.

Maybe if we encourage them to take out money from clubs or sports they fund so profoundly we would have better food quality. They care more for the reputation of the school and spend a lot of money for nice gear for sports, but not for the health of the students, when in all reality that’s what matters most.Taking small portions of money out of each group can come a long way and in effect to that all students will see all the improvements the school has done to enhance the food. If so, more students would buy and eat the cafeteria food and the schools money supply would increase. As a result, there would be no need in taking the money of other organizations. What is bizarre about this whole injustice is that in some school district across the country, many principals and administrators do not make health their first priority.What they make their first and foremost main concern is the attendance of each and every student. Many parents and students agree on how they would expect the students to appear in school every day when they give us that type of food which indeed makes us sick and nauseous and in no conditions to attend.

Many students have mutual feelings toward this, but many schools have not made the change. By coming together and getting our schools to obtain notice of the quality of the food in our cafeteria, maybe one day we can enhance the food quality. Therefore, something should be done to the hideous food that is being served n our cafeterias, as soon as possible; if not; even the people who do eat in the cafeteria food would be persuaded into not doing so. I really do not think that a solution to this is not as hard as it might seem.References Factoidz. com.

Amy Mimm. Factoidz Writer. Childhood Obesity: How It Is Affected By School Cafeteria Food http://factoidz. com/childhood-obesity-how-it-is-affected-by-school-cafeteria-food About. com . Earth Talk. School Lunches: How to Make Cafeteria Food Better for Kids and the Environment

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