The meeting has four (4) agenda, to wit 1. Reorganization 2. Planning Workshop 3.

Identification of additional members 4. Identification of products for export 5. The meeting started around 9:07 in the morning presided 6. by the Chair, the former Municipal Vice Mayor Danilo S. Chan. 7. 1.

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REORGANIZATION The members present at the meeting agreed that reorganization could not be done yet since the Constitution and By-Laws of Brooke’s Point Economic Development Council agreed that the present set of officers will continue to function as interim officers of BPEDCo while Mr. John M. Monting and Atty.Glenn Mortel are preparing the Constitution and By-Laws.

2. PLANNING WORKSHOP The Action Plan of BPEDCo formulated during the meeting is as follows: STEP 1: To be accomplished by the Local Government Unit a. Request copies of Philippine Primer on Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Security Rules, Regulations and Procedures from the Bureau of Customs addressed to Commodore Garcia b.

Follow-up requested conduct of Orientation of CIQS Rules, Regulations and Procedures with the Bureau of Customs c. Inquire as to the status of result during the Philippine CIQS visit with the Malaysian CIQS d.Apply for the accreditation of BPEDCo (traders) as exporter-importer with the Bureau of Customs STEP 2: To be accomplished by the CIGS Group a. Bilateral Meeting of Philippine CIQS and Malaysian CIQS. (The conduct of this should also be requested by the LGU concerned) -3- STEP 3: To be accomplished by the LGU and traders a.

Conduct of Business Matching and Trade Fair 3. IDENTIFICATION OF ADDITIONAL MEMBERS Expansion of membership was likewise tackled during the meeting. Persons/Organizations identified as possible members are as follows: a. Transport Group-Mr. Lovel Maglaya -Mr. Jewey Lomocso -Leoncio Trucking b. Communications Group-Mr.Bernardo Abengoza -Eng’r.

Joel Lagrada c. Infrastructure Services-Local Gov’t. Unit -Dr. Myrna O. Lacanilao (Real Estate Developer) d.

Tourism Sector-Mr. Ramon Bobier -Mayor Zenaida Gomez -Ms. Fe Villa Lorna M. Barroma -Dr. Ruth G. Leoncio e. SMED-Cashew Growers -Mango Growers -Coconut Farmers -Cacao Growers -Coffee Growers -Abaca Planters -Market Vendors Association f.

Agriculture Sector -Mr. Larry Onda (Livestock) -Hj. Pisingan Isnain (Fishery Group) -Mr.

Rodolfo Cabingas, Sr. (Farm Crops) -4- 4. IDENTIFICATION OF PRODUCTS FOR EXPORT a. Marine Products (include seaweeds) b. Livestock- baka- manok – kambing- tupa c.Fashion Wear d. Handicraft/Furniture- bamboo chair – walis tambo – bamboo bed – sawali – rattan e. Agricultural Products- kasuy – dried mangoes – Virgin Coconut Oil – Cacao – Coffee – Abaca e.

Beauty Products 5. OTHER MATTERS A. PORT LINKAGE/ESTABLISHMENT OF NAUTICAL HIGHWAY It was discussed and finally agreed that Brooke’s Point Port will establish its sea linkage with the ports of Kota Kinabalu and Labuan. B. WAREHOUSE CONSTRUCTION (BIMP-EAGA PRODUCTS SHOW ROOM) It was suggested that a warehouse be constructed which will serve as products show center where wholesalers and retailers can go and give their orders.Identified sites for this purpose are Barangay Oring-Oring (at the proposed port area), Barangay Samareniana (at the airport area), the vacant lot of Ms. Beth Monroy along Edwards Avenue, Poblacion District 1 and the old Sports Center of Mr.

William Tan. It was also suggested that the LGU will construct the warehouse. -5- C. STEEL HULL FOR BIMP-EAGA CARGO/PASSENGER VESSEL The Honorable Mayor, Dr. Narciso B. Leoncio expressed his full support to Brooke’s Point BIMP-EAGA economic undertaking thus he told the Council that he will talk to some businessmen in Brooke’s Point who has vessels made of steel hull.Mayor Leoncio requested Miss Mary Grace B.

Chua to assist him on this concern by coordinating with her father while Mayor Leoncio will coordinate with a certain Moreta. D. PREPARATION OF TOUR PACKAGES The Municipal Tourism, Culture and Arts Office will be requested to prepare tour packages to be offered to both domestic and foreign tourists. E. GUIDELINES FOR MARKETING It was agreed that officers and members of BPEDCo will draft the guidelines for marketing which will be presented to the Municipal Mayor for further comments and suggestions.It was discussed and agreed during the meeting that the next BPEDCo meeting with the identified additional members will be after the first step was accomplished and a reply from the concerned agency is received. Before the meeting adjourned, it was agreed that copies of this proceedings be furnished the Bureau of Customs, Brooke’s Point field Office and the Palawan Economic Development Council (PEDCo).

The meeting adjourned at 3:27 in the afternoon. -6- Present during the meeting are the following: 1. Mr. John M. Monting -BOD Chairman, BPCBT 2. Mr.

Danilo S. Chan-Chairman, BPEDCo 3. Atty.Glenn M.

Mortel-Representative, Office of the Mayor 4. Miss Mary Grace B. Chua-Representative, BP Chamber of Commerce 5. Mr. Larry Onda-Vice Pres, BP Chamber of Commerce. 6. Ms. Fe Villa Lorna M.

Barroma-Representative, BP Tourism Stakeholders Asso. Member, Brks. Pt. Cross Border Traders, Asso.

7. Mr. Bernardo D. Abengoza, Jr. -Manager, Vinta Cable Services 8.

Hj. Pisingan A. Isnain-Manager, TIGA-A 9.

Ms. Leonida P. Lagrada-Chairman, UNLAD Coop 10. Ms. Rebecca M. Gadayan-Technical Working Group Prepared by: REBECCA M.

GADAYAN Technical Working Group Noted by: DANILO S. CHAN Interim Chairman


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