Note: 1) Please write answer in given space to particular question. 2) In those question where responses are given please tick your prefer response by ‘v’ mark in box. 3) In some other question were other parameters are given follows according to the instruction in particular question. 1.

Name:__________________________________________________________ 2. Age: 15-25 year’s 26-35 year’s 36-45 year’s 46-60 year’s 60 and above 3.Gender: Male Female 4. Address: ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ 5. Occupation: Student Businessman House Wife Professional Others (be specify):______________________ 6. Mother Tongue: __________________ 7. Income: Below 1, 00,000 1, 00,000 to 2, 50,000 2, 50,000 to 5, 00,000 Above 5, 00,000 8. How many members in your home and what are the ages? Under 19 20-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-59 60-64 Above 65 9.

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Do You Own a Computer? Yes No 10. How will you describe your level of Internet Knowledge? Beginner Average Professional E Expert 11. Have you ever used Internet? Yes NO 12. Do you subscribe to an Internet Service? Yes No 13. If yes, what type of connection do you have? Dial-up Broadband 14. Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? 15. Do you have second line primarily for the Internet? Yes No 16.

Do you have a household member who works from an office in the home?Yes No 17. If yes, is there a website related to the work activities? Yes No 18. What is your average monthly cost for Internet Service? 19. Do you acquire to plan a broadband connection? Yes No 20. Why don’t you currently use broadband connection? (Check all that apply) Not Available Too Expensive Don’t know enough Satisfied with current connection Don’t know/not applicable 21. Would you be willing to pay more for high-speed Internet Service? Yes No 22.

If yes how much would you be willing to pay per month? Thank you


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