Kamaria King Instructor Mecham LS 104 19 November 2009 Accounting as a Major I decided to be an accountant because math comes easy to me. Since I was a little girl, I always got good grades and in math and not good grades in English. When I researched about accounting, I appreciated the salaries that I found. My grandfather has a friend who is a CPA and he told me that he can control how many hours he works a week. He helped make my decision easier because that was a question that I didn’t know the answer to.

Accounting has a lot of history behind its profession.Bookkeeping and Accounting records have been used since early history until now. They were discovered in Babylonia (present day Iraq) date to 3600 B. C. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans each kept their own bookkeeping and accounting records. Modern accounting became the technique of double-entry bookkeeping and developed in the 15th-16th century by Luca Pacioli (Italian Mathematician). When the government and industrial institution were developed in the 19th and 20th centuries, accurate records and information were needed to help make decisions on economic and management procedures.

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Accounting professions in the US date back to 1880, English and Scottish investors began buying stocks from American companies. Federal legislation, such as the income tax in 1913 and excess profits tax in 1917, helped cause an accounting boom that made the profession active to all businesses (Accountants and Auditors pg. 1).

Accountants develop document recordkeeping and accounting systems. They compute taxes owed and prepare tax returns. They also have to maintain and examine records of government agencies.

Accountants have several skills that they should experienced with such as, mathematics, active listening, critical thinking, monitoring, judgment and decision making, active learning, reading comprehension, system analysis, and system evaluation. The most education a person needs to be an accountant takes a four-year bachelor’s degree. A person also needs several years of work related experience and on the job training before he or she can be considered and accountant (Accountants pg.

1 and 2).With accounting as a major, there are a large number of job titles and opportunities out there in this world. According to W. P. Carey School of Accountancy, there is a total of thirty three job titles that include: Accountant, Actuary, Assistant Controller, Auditor, Budget Analyst, Business Teacher, CIA Agent, Claims adjuster, Commercial Banker, Consumer Credit Officer, Estate Planner, FBI Agent, Financial Aid Director, Internal Auditor, IRS Investigator, Loan/Loan Administrator, etc (School of Accountancy pg. 1).There are three major fields of employment: public, private and government accounting.

The following accountant jobs are split between those three major fields: Public, Private, General, Government, Budget, Cost, Property, Environmental, Systems, Forensic, Tax, Assurance, Auditors, and Tax Auditors (Accountants and Auditors pg. 2). In 2008, the average accountant in the US received $59,400 annually. In Georgia, senior accountants received $108,100 annually. In the US there are 44,980 job openings and there is an eighteen percent chance that the job openings will increase or decrease.In Georgia there are 980 job openings and there is a sixteen percent chance that the job openings will increase or decrease. In 2006, there were 29,200 accountants and auditors.

The state is expecting accountants to increase up to 33,840 by 2016 (Accountants and Auditors: Georgia pg. 1 and 2). In conclusion, accountants have multiple of job opportunities that come with good salaries. I learned numerous things about accountants and their job duties. During the research process, it has helped me further my career decisions.I have not made up my mind completely, but I would like to be either a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or work for the FBI as a Forensic Accountant.Word Count: 621 Works Cited “Accountants. ” online.

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