If you want to talk about a film during the New Hollywood period that changed all of the rules in cinema, Bonnie & Clyde is one of the most famous films of that period. It’s revolutionary in the fact that it explores so many taboo subjects such as sex, violence, and crime, but the film makes you sympathize with these characters. The editing is also very instrumental in the making of this film. It’s innovative in the way that it gives the scenes more action and suspense.The two major scenes in which this is most prevalent are the bedroom scene with Bonnie and Clyde and the very infamous final scene, which marked their deaths.

Sex was almost never up for discussion in many films before this one (The Graduate was released the same year as this film). The scene where Bonnie and Clyde are together in the bedroom is only one of the controversial scenes in this film. The editing in this scene helps dictate the meaning of this scene. The beginning of this scene shows Bonnie getting ready in the bathroom and it cuts back and forth between them.Clyde then calls Bonnie to talk to her and she sits on the bed. Clyde is unable to satisfy Bonnie in bed and you can tell by the looks on his face and the editing. The multiple cuts from Bonnie kissing on him to his disgruntled face gives you an awkward feeling when he turns away.

Then the frame turns to an unhappy Bonnie. The final scene in the film is one of the most famous scenes in cinema. It is a tour de force of filming and editing that is studied by film students to this day.


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