Zac Nelson WR 122 MW 8-9:50 Instructor: Oman Essay 3 Any aspect of fringe science will always be heavily debated with both firm believers and die-hard skeptics. This is due to one simple fact: in order to prove a fringe science topic one must have irrefutable evidence, such as a body; however, the inability to find rock-solid proof does not prove something doesn’t exist.

Due to this circumstance, fringe science has been a hot topic for decades.Throughout the ages people have testified to witnessing phenomena such as bigfoot, ghosts, and aliens; but never has anyone been able to provide enough proof of an encounter to convince the scientific community that any of these phenomena are in fact real. Of the three, bigfoot is the most believable. This is because bigfoot, if proven to be real, is just an animal that people have been unable to find.

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This is, in most ways, more reasonable and practical than to assume there are superior beings far out in space or that spirits of the dead still roam the earth.Also, aliens and ghosts tie into peoples religious beliefs making them an even more controversial topic. Due to the ridiculousness of fringe science and the laws it is run by, no topics of fringe science are ever likely to be proven one way or another Bigfoot evidence will continue to be brought to the public eye because of peoples desire to make him real.

The imagination, and peoples desire to find answers


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