What does make you a grown-up? Is it moving out of the house? Hitting a certain age? Having a relationship? Getting a job? How is it that we can do those things, that we consider to be “adult”, but we still feel like kids? Or that we feel like grown-ups, we’re certainly old enough, but we haven’t seemed to have accomplished any of those things “grown-ups” have done? People never seem to quite understand the meaning of being an “adult”.

I myself am not very sure of the full meaning of it.It has always seemed to me that age is irrelevant. You can be 12 and understand things better than a 30-year-old or you can be 40, have two PhD’s and still wonder if pigeons are migratory birds. Many people my age think that getting out of their parents’ house is an act of maturity but how does changing your situation prove that you are an “adult”? If they run away from home it is more likely to lose themselves trying to cope alone and underprepared with the difficulties in life.To become an adult you must achieve a separate identity. Still everyone perceives the world and every thought in it through their own consciousness.

For me being an adult is a compilation of various features and components and is more or less a personal achievement. There is no exact pattern of becoming an adult as every single person has their own way of improvement. But you always have to make that first step that draws the beginning of your self-improving.There are a number of abilities I believe you have to acomplish in order to even begin to get closer to being an adult.

The ability of making reasonable decisions for yourself and people around you, being able to take responsibility for your actions, able to make the most of what you have and try to improve yourself in any possible way. Becoming an adult is a journey everyone should make at a certain moment in order to become the most they can be, to grow as an individual – mentaly and spiritually.Many people find it rather difficult and they are correct to assume so. One should always be carefull not to lose oneself while taking it because it may lead to unwanted results – corrupted mind and soul and belief in all the wrong things.

Like every journey this one also has advantages and drawbacks but every risk is worth taking. Although unlike any other this journey has no definite ending. A person has a lifetime to achieve perfection which actually is unachievable as noone is perfect.

But the drive to achieve self-understanding and improving is enough to make people continue searching for their inner self. To paraphrase a saying by Lewis B Hershey – “A person becomes an adult three years before his parents think he does, and about two years after he thinks he does. ”. Becoming an adult is a journey that shouldn’t be lightly taken as it forms us as individuals and gives us a chance to find our own identities.

“The doors open. The edges meet. Step through and you find yourself lost. Stay where you are and you go nowhere. ”


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