Bad Ideas vs. Good Ideas Research a)How are the sources of “bad” ideas different from sources of “good” ideas? Essential the thoughts were concepted in a similar notion. Being intuitive about your surrounding and come the realization of an idea and taking action on it, not just letting it simmer around in the brain and eventually becoming nothing than a forgotten memory or regret. In either case, they both had an idea and made an action to overcome adversity using different styles.On one hand, the ‘bad’ idea was the business had not room for where growth or failure was coming into play, thus being stubborn and had to reform the thinking process and retry.

Alternatively, as in the ’bad idea’ the better approach was to scale back the idea to something that is attainable and worth growing and let the value of the idea come in time. Even the source of the corporation perse, is nothing more than a business community of entrepreneurs’ that build a sophistication of people. Besides, we cannot deprive anyone from life, liberty, or property” (Constitution).The really is no big difference between these business. Capitalism works and gives us more incentives’ that we need and gives us a foundation by everyone. We all need someone in order to make things happen, regardless of what we might think. There came about the ‘meetings’ and input from others that work since there are just too many ideas in one session.

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However, in the ‘good’ article realized that someone else could achieve the objectives and gave them the opportunity to capitalize on it. Also, he had the ability to synthesize and create.His innovation became possible to go beyond the scope of the traditional method. Each of these people perceived the outside world through images. Thereby, the good idea’ took this image and it created some brainstorming, generated a feeling.

In addition, during those meeting, he learned that the attitudes and questions of those people involved. The ‘good idea’ had an epiphany and sought it as a business opportunity. b)What makes a bad idea? How does this compare to good ideas? ‘There’s no such thing as a bad idea, only bad timing. ‘(Inc. , hence as just as the bible references. However, logic sometimes gets in the way of gut instinct. Being stubborn to realize that the idea might not work regardless of the consequences can be costly and detrimental to not only the business, but also you and those around you, ‘blind love’.

People have to be in the market of buying what the business is producing. Therefore, consequences are the guideposts of making the right decision and of a moral compass. Hence, if there were no consequences, people will run amuck everyone and step right over each other.In most cases, often enough the ‘great’ idea that was brainstorming in your head, might not be the ‘great’ one after all. Every business is birthed from a great idea. However, some businesses deserve. It’s not uncommon for aspiring business owners to view their idea through rose-colored lenses.

To accurately judge the feasibility of your big idea, you have to set your optimism aside and get realistic. You should be especially concerned if your idea relies heavily on factors outside of your control. “Bad company corrupts good character” (Bible, I Corinthians 15:33).If no one else is doing it, take a closer look for obstacles that might be looming below the surface. Additionally, he admonished the business for the right reasons and with the correct motives, then when he revised and regrouped, he attempted the business from a different perspective. “It’s a bad apple” that is widely used in the media for a business or corporation that does not operate for a common purpose. The bad idea, relatively transforms people to the better, and prepares them to strike, but not being a vulture, yet noble.

This sums up as ethics or morals! Again, as emphasized as ‘Getting ideas isn’t the problem; implementing them is’ (Inc. Good) is a good philosophy that anyone thinking about a business and not acting on it. Therefore, putting their best effort forward, then they are actually impeding progress and depriving others from a ‘good idea’, otherwise there would not be a market or economy that is as established as the United States. Of course, just as we are facing the holiday coming up known as Christmas, we decide whether the gift we give is a good or bad idea.However, it’s evaluated, it’s an idea of we think or assumption of what another person desires.

Sometimes, past and present information assist us in making the decision and not usually taken lightly. Essentially, knowing what not to give is just as valuable as trying figuring out the good’ gift. During this, period most of us even make ‘wish list’, but if asked, most of us cannot even devise a business plan, when they are similar in notion. We use our resources to the fullest extent possible to make a ‘good idea’ gift.

Each of us perceives information in their own way.As an example, something beautiful for us may not be the same for others. Christmas is about sharing you value, over having money; however, money is always good, too. Besides, the majority of this world operates on money c)What are the characteristics of good opportunities? Prospectively, the good idea became a reality, but not without pain-staking efforts, which lead to the success by evaluating, the failures, and making them work for the business, not against it.

Just as within these cases, they provided a quality product and service for the consumer in mind and is if they were the customer themselves.By doing the research, it was beneficial for the business, including stimulating the economy. Sometimes, it’s a good method to abandon the assumptions altogether and reconsider other options and research several areas before coming to any solution.

I believe, we all foster good and bad ideas and some are better than others. The characteristics come from the bible and are highly regard throughout the world as a good place to start before leaping into an opportunity. “I am the good shepherd and I know my own and my own know me(14).

and…, “I have authority to lay it down and I have authority to take it again. This charge I have received from my Father (18). (Bible) Referencing this information and utilizing the description, ‘the good shepherd’ it is easily concluded that there are other shepherds amongst us, thereby, implicating, there are ‘bad shepherd’s” as well. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs’ have known of this for centuries.

Wherefore, if you desire for a person to have a decent shot at becoming one of tomorrow’s leaders, and advancement of our technological advances, then we need arm our ‘future’ with a leadership skills.The basic information that each individual use in the real world is accountability, responsibility, and consequence. In other words, we encourage them to be ‘good shepherds’ vice ‘bad shepherds’.

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