Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited | | | |Type |Limited | |Founded |1989 | |Headquarters |8th Floor Pacific Center, 14, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka, | | |Bangladesh | |Area served |61 districts and 470 thanas | |Key people |Chye Hoon Pin (CEO) | |Industry |Telecommunication | |Products |Telephony, CDMA | |Parent |Singtel 45%, Pacific Motors Limited 31.

43%, Far East | | |Telecom Limited 23. 57% | |Website |www. citycell. com | About Citycell: Citycell (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited) is the first mobile communications company of Bangladesh. It is the only CDMA network operator in the country.

As of 31st March, 2007, Citycell’s total mobile subscriber base is 1. 2 million, up 137 per cent or 680,000 from a year ago, giving it the best growth rate of the company till date. Citycell is currently owned by Singtel, Pacific Group and Far East Telecom. By the end of 2007 CityCell had refurbished its old brand identity and introduced a new logo and corporate identity; the new logo is very reminiscent of the old logo. However the slogan has remained unchanged “because we care”. As of March, 2008 Citycell has 1. 56 million subscribers [1].

[pic]History In 1989 Bangladesh Telecom Limited (BTL) was awarded a license to operate cellular, paging, and other wireless communication networks. Then in 1990Hutchison Bangladesh Telecom Limited (HBTL) was incorporated in Bangladesh as a joint venture between BTL and Hutchison Telecommunications (Bangladesh) Limited. HBTL began commercial operation in Dhaka using the AMPS mobile technology in 1993 and became the 1st cellular operator in South Asia[2]. Later that year Pacific Motors bought 50% of BTL.

By 1996 HBTL was renamed as Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (PBTL) and launched the brand name “Citycell Digital” to market its cellular products. Board of Directors: ? Chief Executive Officet-Michael Seymour ? Head of Marketing-De Anand Rajasingham ? Chief Customer Care officer-Md. Tarikul Hassan ? Chief Technology Officer- Choo Pul Hong ? Human Ressources Director-M. Zulfquar Hussain Director-Financial Control ;Company Secretary-Md. Tipu Sultan ? Deputy Chief Techonology-Mahfuzzur Rahman ? Head-Operations Support-Kym goldswarthy Products Offered Citycell offers prepaid, postpaid and fixed phone plans.Since Citycell operates in CDMA, RIM’s are usually sold with a phone mostly cheap Chinese sets produced by ZTE, Huawei, Samsung, Motorola and Alcatel.

Citycell currently has the cheapest phone+connection tariff at 1399 taka. Prepaid The current only prepaid plan is branded as Citycell One. Under this package Citycell customer can call to other Citycell users for only 25 paisa and other operators for only Tk1. 00 from 12am to 6 pm and 1. 75 Tk from 6 pm to 12. 0 am.

Citycell started offering prepaid plans from 2003. It was the first to offer a prepaid plan with BTTB connectivity in the same year. During 2005-6, the company made great strides in its prepaid product offering. In 2005, it launched the Aalap Call Me plan- the first phone plan with negative tariff in the country. In this plan customers get credit added to their balance when they receive calls from other Citycell subscribers. In the same year, Citycell launched Aalap Super plan.

Subscribers of this plan could make free calls to other Citycell subcribers during late night hours. This espoused numerous copycat products from its competitors.Later that year the national telecoms regulator ordered all phone companies to cease offering free call facility. In 2006, Citycell launched Hello 0123 plan. The name 0123 signified tariff of Tk 0 for calls to one Citycell number of the subcriber’s choice, Tk 1 for calls to two other Citycell numbers, Tk 3 for calls to all other Citycell numbers and Tk 4 for calls to all other networks.

This plan was followed up with a string of other spinoff plans that continue into 2007. Postpaid The postpaid plan is branded as Citycell One. Citycell One-Zoom (High-speed wireless internet, wherever you go) Description: ? Dimensions: 88. 4mm (D) x 54mm (W) x 5mm (H) ? Weight: Approx. 38g ? Power consumption:


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