Windmill Road Bristol BS2 6DP 2 May 2007 Ms Kate Roberts Human Resources Manager Business Solutions International Ambassador House Marcham Way LONDON WC2 9TP Dear Ms Roberts Vacancy for Business Analyst I am writing in reply to your advert for the above post, which was advertised in The Guardian on Tuesday 30 April 2007, and I enclose my CV in application. I am currently in the final year of a BA (Hons) course in Business Economics at City University, Bristol, and expect to graduate in June 2007. I have always wanted to pursue a career as an economist within an international environment and have been able to tailor my studies to that end.I have obtained A grades in the Economic Data Analysis, International Economics, and Economics of Business Strategy modules, and am currently completing a dissertation on the growth of e-commerce in the European Union. I am fluent in spoken and written Spanish, having built on my A-level proficiency in that subject when working in Spain and Mexico.

In addition to the qualifications and abilities outlined above, I have kept my IT skills fully up to date (including MS Excel and Access) and am competent in a wide range of business data analysis operations.The post also requires someone with good communications skills who is able to negotiate with corporate clients: I enjoy making new contacts and establishing relationships with a wide range of people, and have successfully liaised with Spanish companies when arranging student activities while I was a Teaching Assistant in Seville. I feel that the position offered would be ideal in giving me the opportunity to use my education and skills to provide a high level of service for the international client profile you describe. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely Sara Green


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