Analysis of the article – Way to lead Published by: the annual publication of The Economist magazine called The World in 2011 Written by: the article is a contribution of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the United States secretary of state (contributed to the annual publication celebrating its 25th edition) Date of publication: 18th November 2010 Subject of the article: American leadership Form of article: written speech Main idea of the article: is to point out the need for co-operation between countries that will provide a basis for common actions.It tries to propose ways how to deal with terrorism, extremists, countries rejecting their international obligations. It also says that America has to engage the leader possition. Why? : The year 2010 is coming to its end, therefore it is time for the American government to look back on what has been done and what has changed through the past year. It was written to evaluate the achievements under President Obama? s leadership, and to present on-coming actions.

Background of the story: Secretary Clinton delivered a major speech on 3rd November, 2009,(what is approximately one year ago from giving this speech) in Marrakesh, Morocco, at the Forum for the Future. She reaffirmed the commitment of the United States to comprehensive engagement with Muslim communities around the world and outlined concrete steps the United States is taking to follow up on the “New Beginning” that President Obama launched in Cairo, Egypt, on 4th June, 2009.Arguments: these statements confirm the main idea of the article – “we are stronger when we work together” “the United States has worked to renew the core alliances that have long been the cornerstones of global peace and prosperity” “we have begun modernising regional and global organisations, including the UN, that can mobilise common efforts and enforce the rights and responsibilities of all nations” Biased or objective? : biased – written from the American point of view on the topic of international affairs


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