American Pit bull Terriers; The Incredibly Misunderstood Breed “Pit bulls are vicious dogs,” people say, “They’re just time bombs waiting to destroy. ” When it comes to conversations about pit bulls, they are almost never positive. There has been hype about pit bulls and how dangerous they are all over the United States. This false media going around is causing officials to want to ban pit bulls everywhere. Many states in the United States have already implemented the BLS (Breed Specific Legislation. I believe that this law should be stopped; no single breed should be singled out because of the bad decisions of their owners.

If the legislation is trying to ban pit bulls, why haven’t they banned alcohol? Alcohol hurts and kills more people every year than pit bulls will ever do in a lifetime.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are approximately 79,000 alcohol related deaths in the U. S. each year (CDC, n.

d. ). Pit bulls, however, accounted for 14 deaths in the year of 2009 (U. S. Dog Bite Fatalities in 2009. Despite the fact that pit bull breads have earned a bad and misleading reputation of being dangerous dogs, they should not be banned because they are not as dangerous as people think, they serve society in great ways, and they do not deserve to be punished for having irresponsible owners.

The first reason why the dog breed of American Pit Bull Terriers should not be banned is because they are not the ferocious beasts people believe them to be. Although people may not think so, pit bulls have characteristics that make them great pets; they are remarkable dogs that are eager to please their owners.As the PBRC states, as well as I have learned from my own experience, these dogs are energetic, intelligent, playful, strong, and loving animals. They have determination to do what they set out to do and are always looking to please those around them.

Pit bulls are very responsive to training, if cared for properly and are taken to obedience classes they are exceptional pets to have (PBRC, n. d. ). Since the beginning of time, pit bulls have been used as farm dogs, family dogs, military mascots, and full time companions. The Pit Bull Rescue Center states that in the nineteenth century, pit bulls were family pets of ettlers crossing the United States; they were trusted to watch the children while the adults worked in the fields (PBRC, n. d. ). PBRC also stated that in the early twentieth century, pit bulls were so respected for their loyalty, determination, and bravery that they were chosen to represent America in WWI posters (PBRC, n.

d. ). There is a specific pit bull, USMC Sargeant Stubby, who is “United States’ Most Decorated Military Dog,” according to the Digital Dog website and many other websites I have seen him being glorified. DigitalDog, n. d. ).He was involved in the WWI and was a hero to many due to his many great characteristics and talents. There are hundreds of amazing stories where pit bulls are the heroes and not the villains, if people would read just a few stories on these great family pets I am sure some opinions would change.

There are also many pit bulls that have become stars, like the great actor Petey the Pit Bull from The Little Rascals, (PBRC, n. d. ,) and a dog that was rescued and is now an all-star “Disc Dog. Her name is Thelma and she competes in worldwide canine disc championships catching Frisbees and amazing the crowd with her athletic skills (Farm Foundation, Inc.

, n. d. ). If this breed was really that dangerous people would never allow them to work with groups of children and other dogs. The second reason pit bulls should not be singled out as vicious dogs and be banned is because they serve society in many ways and have done more good than bad. People in today’s society tend to oversee the heroic acts of pit bulls because of the false media that has been put out into the public about pit bulls being killing machines.An organization called the “For Pits’ Sake” has been involved in human and animal rescue efforts and safety programs for children for over a decade (Crawford, K. n.

d. ). The pit bulls in this organization are very dedicated and have been involved in over 200 search missions (Crawford, K. n. d. ). Besides just being search and rescue dogs, pit bulls are also therapy dogs, educational dogs, and service dogs involved in working with law enforcement to detect narcotics and bombs (PBRC, n. d.

). The third reason why the American Pit Bull Terrier should not be banned is ecause every case in which pit bulls have been fighting dogs is because of their irresponsible owners that raised them that way. There is no reason why pit bulls should be banned when it is the owners who are making them fight and raising them improperly. Irresponsible and cruel owners starve and beat their pit bulls in order for them to fight and become vicious towards other animals. Dogs do not understand the human definition of right and wrong, so when they are bred, raised, and trained to fight pit bulls are not the ones to blame, their owners are.These bad people have no sense of humanity and have no sympathy for their dogs when they are engaging them in these deadly fights or torturously killing them if they lose..

. if they happen to survive that is. There have been tons of cases of unbelievable animal cruelty towards pit bulls from humans, and regardless pit bulls are the ones seen as monsters. Millions of abandoned pit bulls are found and rescued every year that were left to die by their uncaring owners; unfortunately they do not all survive.In the Los Angeles County alone it is estimated that up to 200 Pit Bulls are killed every day in shelters due to the lack of homes for them.

When pit bulls are taken away from their owners due to animal cruelty, or when people abandon these poor dogs they are sent to dog pounds where about 30% of these impounded pets are reclaimed, adopted or rescued but sadly the remaining 70% are destroyed (PBRC, n. d. ). The last and final reason why pit bulls should not be banned is because there is no reason why they should be. Pit bulls have never been proved to be vicious by nature or because of their history.Although the pit bull breed was developed for blood sports such as bull baiting, bear baiting, and later, dogfighting, it does not make them naturally mean dogs. Each breed, actually dog, has its own unique temperament when it comes to other animals, humans, and territory (Breed Info Center, n. d.

). There are so many dog breeds that have characteristics similar to the American Pit Bull Terrier. When people call to report dog attacks they assume the dog is a pit bull, however they have no real proof that it is an actual American Pit Bull Terrier.In the Dog Breed Info Center it told about an instant where there was a report on KYW news in Philadelphia about two pit bulls attacking a person, however, when the news station was called and asked if they knew for a fact that the dogs were American Pit Bull Terriers, they admitted they did not know (Breed Info Center, n. d.

). I thought this was very outrageous. In conclusion, the American Pit Bull Terrier breed is very misunderstood and should not be punished for the wrong doing of criminals who own them for the wrong reasons.Since the damage has already been done, there should be extra precautions for those who own pit bulls. I believe this is the only way that this situation will be at peace. Pit bulls are amazing dogs with loving hearts and the desire to do nothing but please, love, and protect those around them. They should not, under any circumstances, be singled out amongst all the other dog breeds of the world and be destroyed.References CDC.

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