Achieving Project Goals Simulation Lisa Marion University of Phoenix Project Management MGT437 Mark Vertin January 7, 2009 Achieving Project Goals Simulation The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) contains the different activities within a project. Every activity necessitates outputs from several experts following different measures and timelines. The total of these activities represent the end deliverable. In order to control the task effectively the project supervisor must track the logical order of the various parts.He must visualize the final project deliverable. Views regarding project management, benefits and restrictions, bottlenecks, changes to risk or time in a crisis, and four points touched. History The Huduma Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

The foundation is devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating untamed animals in the national parks of Kandivar. Random poaching created an imbalance of wild animals in specific national parks in the country. Animal Rights Activist formed the Hunduma Foundation five years ago in the state of Ungoba.The organization believes that they can stop the disproportion of animals with planned methods. The Huduma Foundation has defined the project scope and deliverables of Operation Elephants’ Ark. The operation consists of the relocation of elephants from Zakinaka National Park to Ungoba National Park. The information is then delivered to the Executive Director of Ungoba National Park.

The major task prior to starting the project is to identify the order of activities in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the project.The sequence of activities is to: • Locate the herd of elephants, tranquillize them, and wet them down. • Attach GPS tracking collars, conduct a medical exam, and strap them.

• Lift them, load elephants onto the recovery truck, and administer sedatives. • Back the elephants into the trucks, drive the trucks to the airfield, and lead the animals into special containers. • Load the containers onto the aircraft and fly the animals to Ungoba • Create a ramp, walk elephants out of airplane, and load elephants onto two-trailer trucks for transportation to a special conservation area in park. Walk the elephants out of the trucks, feed them, and discharge the elephants into the special conservation area (University of Phoenix, 2008). How did completion of simulation change individual perspective of project management? After completing, the simulation views changed regarding project management.

Unforeseen events require immediate attention or decisions. Like the truck breaking down necessitating the need for another truck. Other scenario the weather held the plane in the air for an extra 45 minutes.Alternatively, the calf requiring treatment after the flight these are all unpredictable. When planning plan for the unpredictable, be versatile prepare for the unknown and contingency planning. What advantages and limitations of project management were identified in the simulation? The project start time 0400 hours and the end time is 0900 hours. The request for an additional truck to replace the broke one saved time and cut risk at 0500 hours.

The risk includes an hour delay. The benefits include gaining 40 minutes using shortcuts, to maintain the range of the project and time issues.Once the airplane enters Ungoba, they encounter bad weather causing unsafe landing conditions a decision is required.

The decision to refuel in 15 minutes and circle the airport was made with approval of Abasi Karenga, Major General of Kandavar. The risks include the lives of the animals, the project, and an hour delay at Ungoba airport. The advantage is the ability to wait for conditions to change or land elsewhere.

Day two at 0700 hours, the elephants have recovered from the effect of the sedatives. At 2125 hours all eight animals arrive successfully and are unloaded.Upon arrival, the two-year-old calf required medical attention. The calf’s mother remained with her requiring the decision to contain the cow and care for the calf. The risk included the mother and other elephant’s transition into the new park without the calf. The procedure lasted 13 minutes then the elephants were placed with the others. The benefits include future leadership, motherhood and the longevity of the herd. How to anticipate bottlenecks when planning for a project? The lack of communication within a project is a form of bottlenecks.

Create effective methods of communicating with parent company, staff, and customers. Individuals like a direct source for their information. In addition, when one project manager believes he is better than the other manager (Kerzner, 2006). The project entails matrix structure is a compromise in an attempt to obtain the better of two worlds. This type of management tries to achieve maximum technology, cost effectively within time and schedule constraints (Kernzer, 2006). If necessary to crunch the project, which factor is compromised, risk or time?Negotiating with time creates a safer passage without hindering the ventures livestock. Time is vital but the wellbeing at the elephants is more important to the project. Risking safety is not an issue so time is compromised to complete the task.

List four key points from the reading assignments that were emphasized in the simulation. The four major points in the project simulation are organization, requirements, a schedule, and a budget. The requirement is to satisfy the goal or objective of the project within time, cost, and performance constraints.Organize the project to allow ease on completion inside the required timeframe provided. The schedule incorporates the planned dates to allow completion of activities and include dates for obtaining milestones. The budget is set prior to the inception of the project remain part of the scope. Conclusion The WBS contains the different activities within a project. Views regarding project management, benefits and restrictions, bottlenecks, changes to risk or time in a crisis, and four points touched.

The Huduma Foundation is a NGO devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating animals in the ational parks of Kandivar. The foundation defined the project scope and deliverables of Operation Elephants’ Ark. Applying the correct order to the WBS helped maintain project scope.Words 1073 Character 6093 Paragraph45 Sentence75 Grade L. 10.

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