Illegal immigrants should be given amnesty. The United States has been known and labeled as a “melting pot” which consists of many races and cultures coming together to form the perfect nation. Some of these people have entered the United States illegally and have torn the country into an ongoing debate as to do what with their statuses. Some prefer deporting the illegal immigrants and some agree on giving them amnesty by having them pay fines and requiring some objectives.

Being an immigrant who came to the United States legally, I strongly believe in amnesty.Even though many people, based on the term illegal, automatically assume criminal acts and want to punish those who have entered the country illegally, have not looked at the practical aspect of the issue, rather are looking for an immediate solution because they are prejudiced. Because immigrants have a very important role on our economy, it is physically impossible to deport millions of people, and also because everyone who has paid their taxes and dues have equal opportunity to become a U. S.

itizen, the United States should grant amnesty to those who have entered illegally after few objectives. Immigrants, will it be legal or illegal, have a very big influence on our economy. Most of the jobs that are held by illegal immigrants are jobs that don’t require a lot of skills, rather require hard physical labor. Being a nation that stresses the concept and idea of going to school and becoming successful in life by becoming a “highly paid CEO” or the next great doctor, jobs that are held by immigrants are jobs that people who are born and raised in the United States wouldn’t hold.Because of this, immigrants provide a playing field for jobs that most others wouldn’t take, such as working in environmental services, landscaping, and other forms of work Kuyumchyan 2 that require hard physical labor. They, just like any others pay taxes and dues the same way as others who have entered the United States legally and therefore provide a revenue to our nation. The jobs held by illegal immigrants are low wage jobs that high-paid skilled workers do not take, because of this, the need for more work for higher paid and skilled workers increase.Not only so, because of the fact that they are paid less, the prices on things such as restaurant meals and such are decreased to meet with the amount of money that immigrants make.

Giving amnesty to those who have actually worked a long time for the country would grant the United States more benefits, because then most all immigrants would be required to oblige by the United States and pay taxes, instead of only some that do already now.Because of this, the revenue generated by tax revenue would boost the United States economy and granting an immigration status would give illegal immigrants incentive to pay for taxes and be part of the decision making of the nation they live in by voting or by just being accepted participants. The obvious counterargument regarding having an impact on the economy is that illegal immigrants take jobs away from those who are here legally and are natural born citizens.

According to those people, it becomes unfair to those unemployed who are legal.A quick response to the critics is the fact of outsourcing. Big companies and not only so, small companies, often outsource their work to other nations such as China, India and etc.

to cut costs and therefore leave the legal immigrants and citizens unemployed. Not only so, deporting a huge percentage of the work force, who are illegal immigrants, would put a huge toll on the economy because prices would sky rocket and companies would be drained of workers because high-skilled unemployed workers wouldn’t take jobs that pay a lot less and require a lot more work.One negative impact on the economy and job market illegal immigrants have is on high school dropouts and young teens, but then they wasted Kuyumchyan 3 their opportunity to better themselves in their career choices and should live with the consequences. To expand, another reason why amnesty is a better solution for illegal immigrants is because it is practically impossible to deport more than one million people who are in the United States illegally “The number of illegal immigrants in the U.

S. has dropped by nearly 1 million” (“Number of Illegal Immigrants” 1).It is not as if a law is passed mandating all illegal immigrants to be deported, that everyone who is here illegally would step up and chose to be deported. The concept of trying to find millions of people who are illegally sounds bizarre enough, carrying it out in actuality would be more bizarre.

The need for so many immigration workers and task forces to do this job would put a lot of strain on the revenue of the United States, would make a lot of people work more than they are required. Besides, by the time the first million people are found and deported, another million would find a better way to enter the United States illegally.It would become a never ending cycle that would keep happening until those who are here are granted amnesty, but at the same time, border patrolling and laws are made stricter to discourage illegal entrance. Giving amnesty shouldn’t just be done freely, but rather by making people pay a fine, show a proof of residence and tax paying and also background checking.

The counterargument regarding this would be the fact that giving a free pass to those here illegally and it is the same idea of again trying to find the more than one million people who are illegal immigrants.For the first part, no matter if amnesty or deportation is done, illegal immigrants are going to come in, but rather than spending the money to fund in finding the illegal immigration, border regulations can be stricter by using the money to get new officers and patrollers. For the second part, when you give a good reason for someone to step up Kuyumchyan 4 such as legal status, most of the immigrants would step up and pay the fines and go through the “hassle” because they would know that they can work and live without any worries.

Furthermore, another reason for amnesty is that everyone has an equal opportunity to support their family. Most of the time, illegal immigrants come to the United States because they can’t make it in their nation and that’s why they come to work and support their family. Being a nation that gives opportunities to everyone, the United States should do the same with illegal immigrants “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ”( “The Declaration of Independence” 1).Giving amnesty to illegal immigrants would provide yet another incentive for the illegal to work harder and devote themselves to support their family and be a proud citizen of a nation that accepts them. If they have lived here and paid their amount of dues and fines, they should get the same freedom as others to help their family. Amnesty should be given to those immigrants that show at least some form of obliging of the United States laws such as tax paying, even if a bit, which would be a positive for both the immigrants because they would get their statuses and the United States because they would get revenue.If deported, most of the immigrants are going to find another way to come into the nation because they need to find a way to support their family.

This is where the counterargument comes in, which is that it is not fair to those who are here legally and work and pay taxes to support their family. Even though it is a good point, by requiring illegal immigrants to pay fines and taxes, they would become as legal as any other legal immigrant. In conclusion, illegal immigrants should be given amnesty but at the same time, be required to certain objectives and dues.Immigrants are a big part of the United States, will it be regarding culture or economic stance, so therefore illegal immigrants shouldn’t differ as much Kuyumchyan 5 from legal immigrants.

The benefits of giving amnesty outweigh the cons. The fact that illegal immigrants have an impact on the United States income, that rounding up the millions of illegal immigrants would be practically impossible, and everyone has the right to support their family are the reasons why I believe illegal immigrants should be given amnesty.At the end of the day, no matter the solution, immigrants are going to find a way to enter the country illegally because the nation they are part of doesn’t provide the opportunities for them to succeed in life, or rather live a normal life. The United States is a forgiving nation that gives freedom of opportunity to even those who are the least fortunate, and illegal immigrants shouldn’t be different.Work Cited “Number of Illegal Immigrants”.

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