Chase Hullinger Period 3 10 Things I Hate About You Movie Review The 1999 film, 10 Things I Hate About You, mirrors many of the characters, themes, and conflicts as in the Shakespeare play, The Taming of the Shrew. The characters in the film involve Kat as Kate, Patrick as Petruchio, Cameron as Lucentio, Bianca as Bianca, Michael as Tranio, and Joey as a suitor for Bianca. The characters share many of the same motives as their counterparts in the play. The reasons for their motives all revolve around Mr.Stratford’s decision of not allowing Bianca to date until her sister, Kat, does; which is slightly different from the play where Bianca can not marry until her older sister Kate does.

Kat however, has a bad reputation of being strong-willed and rude to the opposite sex. Both Cameron and Joey are interested in dating Bianca and so they decide to search for a boyfriend for Kat, in which case they find Patrick. Rich Joey bribes Patrick with money into dating Kat, so he can go after Bianca. Michael is the middle man who is helping Cameron date Bianca.Cameron tutors Bianca in French, similar to Lucentio’s tutoring of Bianca in the play, to be with her.

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Patrick similarly, is trying to do everything he can to get Kat to be interested enough in him to date. He even takes over the PA system at the soccer field where Kat is practicing soccer and pays the band to play while he dances and sings in the stands for her in front of everyone. His performance is goofy and outrageous, mirroring Petruchio’s buffoonery at the wedding. At the end of the movie Kat’s poem in front of the class is a teary, public declaration of her submission and love to Patrick.Kate’s speech at the end of the play is also a declaration of her submission to her husband, Petruchio. The two are tamed in the end, but for different reasons, Kat is tamed by her love for Patrick and Kate seems to be tamed more by her sense of duty as a wife. The movie was not stereotypical about the role of girls/women, where as the Shakespearean play seemed to be centered around women’s roles as wives.

The movie and play reflected one another, but both stayed true to their time period, making each unique from the other.


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