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Whenpeople think about their future, they usually only consider things that willaffect or benefit their personal lives. This may include the city that theywill live in, the job they may have five years down the road, or the place theymight retire. This is usually because people do not think the environment hasan impact on their

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The universe is about 90 billion light-years in diameter. There are at least 100 billion galaxies, all with upwards up 100 billion stars each. For every grain of sand on Earth, there are 10,000 stars out there. If 5% of those stars are “sun-like”, meaning they are similar in size, temperature, etc. to that of

1.1. Introduction Climate change is a serious thread

1.1.         IntroductionClimate change is a serious thread for recent world and Global warming caused for increasing CO2 day by day is one of the main matter of concern. Increasing of CO2 in atmosphere can be reduced through different physical, chemical and biological methods. Among these three types of CO2 sequestration methods, microbial bio-sequestration is the

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Has human activity caused the world’s climate to change over the past 100 years? Make a claim, support is with specific information/data (evidence) that you have collected and justify your claim by discussing the consequences of our actionsWhat actions, if any, do you believe should be taken to address the global warming issue? The earth’s

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Nuclear energy canbe seen as one feasible mitigation policy in the battle against climate change,as this type of energy resources has extremely low carbon dioxide emissionsduring its life cycle. (Dones, R., Heck, T., Hirschberg, S. ,Cutler, J.C., , 2004).  Generally,it is assumed that except dramatic measuresare taken to cut down global warming, the world might perhaps

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1.     Introduction Malaysia isoften considered as a safe country, unlike others hit by disasters likeearthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions and tsunami. Many Malaysians may havetaken the issue of safety for granted because Malaysia does not get as many earthquakesas other nations do  (Thye, 2015). For instance, ashocking strong earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 strikes Lahad Datu,

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From the last decades, theworld is becoming more dependent on power .Those who ensuring the productionand uses of power more successfully are becoming developed rapidly .As adigital country Bangladesh is trying to keep pace with the rest of the world.Toovercome the shortage of electricity,The Bangladesh government had decided toestablish a 1,320-megawatt coalfired power plant at

The the world, GLOBAL WARMING which is mainly

The most important issue of today’s time which isresponsible for various environmental issues in the world, GLOBAL WARMING whichis mainly due to various climate changes and human activities in the nation.These refer to increase in the total temperature of the earth affecting theearth gradually .Many human activities also contribute in increasing thetemperature of the world.


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