Environment i? ? complex word to define. The term environment h?? been derived from ? French word ‘Environi?’ me?n? to ‘?urround or encircle’. It included l?nd, flor?, f?un?, w?ter, living org?ni?m?, fore?t? ?nd everything ?bove the e?rth.

It refer? to both ?biotic (phy?ic?l or non-living) ?nd biotic (living) environment. Environment m?y be b??ic?lly under?tood to ?ignify our ?urrounding? of ? living org?ni?m, including living thing? ?nd n?tur?l force?, which provide condition? for growth ?nd development ?? well ?? of d?m?ge ?nd d?nger.The Biodiver?ity, or the multiplicity of living thing? th?t ?urvive ?re prim?ry to the ?ub?i?tence of life on E?rth, ?nd their import?nce i? undeni?ble. Environment ?nd m?n ?re intim?tely entwined with e?ch other, to ret?in ?n equilibrium in n?ture. Diver?e group? of people working in diver?e ?re?? ?rticul?te it in ? v?riety of w?y?.When phy?ic?l ?cienti?t? ?pe?k ?bout environment they u?u?lly refer to the phy?ic?l environment th?t con?i?t of the three inter locking ?y?tem? the ?tmo?phere, the Litho?phere ?nd the Hydro?phere.Biologi?t? u?u?lly refer to biologic?l environment compri?ing of ?ll living org?ni?m? of the Bio?phere.

In the ??me w?y ?oci?l ?cienti?t? refer to the, economic, org?niz?tion?l .?oci?l ?nd cultur?l environment.Con?equently environment m?y be defined ?? “the ?um of ?ll ?oci?l, economic?l, phy?ic?l cultur?l, chemic?l ?nd biologic?l f?ctor? ?urrounding the ‘m?n’ to give nece???ry protection to him.

?? per Encyclop?edi? Brit?nnic?, the complete ?rr?y of extern?l influence ?cting on ?n org?ni?m, both biologic?l ?nd phy?ic?l force? of n?ture ?urrounding ?n individu?l i? c?lled environment.?ccording to the Environment (Protection) ?ct, 1986, environment m?y be defined ??; ‘Environment include? w?ter, ?ir ?nd l?nd, ?nd the inter-rel?tion?hip? which exi?t ?mong ?nd between w?ter, ?ir, l?nd, ?nd hum?n being?, other living cre?ture?, pl?nt?, micro-org?ni?m? ?nd property.Environment i? vit?l in every f?cet of life. ?ll the living cre?ture? ?re dependent upon the environment. M?n c?n’t live on e?rth without ?nim?l ?nd pl?nt life.

?ll the component? required for exi?tence of living org?ni?m ?re g?ined through environment. Thu?, environment i? the n?tur?l ?y?tem on which we depend, i.e. the ?ir we bre?the, the e?rth from which we derive food, the ?e?? ?nd river? which provide u? with w?ter, the ?tmo?phere th?t i? ?round our pl?net which i? re?pon?ible for life on e?rth.Hum?n being? u?e the n?tur?l re?ource? ?uch ?? ?ir, w?ter, ?oil, ?nd l?nd for the development of hum?n civiliz?tion.

However, the imp?ct th?t h?? been m?de by hum?n being? on the n?tur?l world i? u?u?lly ???oci?ted with the term environment. The ever-incre??ing indu?tri?l ?ctivitie? ?nd hum?n popul?tion h?ve led to trouble? rel?ted with the pollution of ?ir, w?ter, ?nd ?oil. Even though there m?y be ch?nge? in environment due to n?tur?l c?u?e?, it i? e??enti?l to identify th?t hum?n being? ?re in?tig?ting the r?te of ch?nge to become r?pid ?nd h?z?rdou?. Environment?l condition? ?re ?ltering ?t ?uch ? f??t p?ce th?t individu?l? ?? well ?? whole eco?y?tem? i? f?iling ?nd ?truggling to ?d?pt to the ch?nge.

It i? mo?t ill-f?ted th?t hum?n? by their f?ilure to live in ?ccord with n?ture h?ve brought hum?nity to the verge of thi? glob?l environment dev??t?tion. It i? ?o ironic?l th?t though the life of m?n, which i? recognized ?nd cl?imed ?? b??ic hum?n right by ?ll concerned, i? cre?ted, ?u?t?ined, cultiv?ted, ?nd nouri?hed by the n?tur?l environment, the ??me i? degr?ded, polluted ?nd cont?min?ted, by men on ?n unp?r?lleled ?c?le-?ll in the n?me of development.The Pollution th?t h?? been cre?ted in the environment by the development?l ?ctivitie? h?? neg?tively imp?cted hum?n? in term? of qu?lity of life ?nd he?lth, ?? well ?? on other pl?nt? ?nd ?nim?l?. If for the ?dv?ncement of ?ociety, indu?try i? e??enti?l, pollution i? un?void?ble.

In view of the f?ct, th?t pollution ?nd progre?? go h?nd in h?nd, there c?n be no end of progre?? ?nd ?? ? re?ult there c?n be no e?c?pe from pollution.? thre?t to biodiver?ity i? ?l?o ?een in the lo?? ?nd extinction of ?pecie? which t?ke? pl?ce due to di?pl?cement, cutting of tree?, completely rooting out the fore?t? for ?etting up of indu?trie?.Indu?tri?liz?tion g?ve birth to urb?niz?tion, where people moved from rur?l to urb?n ?re?? in ?e?rch of job? ?nd ? modernized life. Thi? in turn g?ve ri?e to the pollution, ?nd the led to over u?e of n?tur?l re?ource?, polluting the ?urrounding.

Therefore the environment h?? to be?r the co?t. Even the clim?te witne??e? ch?nge? due to hum?n interference.


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