Entrepreneurship is everywhere around us. It can befound in the smallest of the family shops in any third-world country and it canbe found in every global organization anywhere in the world. Our whole economyis based on entrepreneurship. For decades already, entrepreneurship has createdgreat interest among academics and the amount of literature and studies aboutentrepreneurship can be quite overwhelming. However, in the last few years, theinterest in entrepreneurship has been raised to another level. Successfulentrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg can be seen onthe red carpets and are known by anyone in any part of the world.

Entrepreneurship has an important role in the creationand growth of businesses and in the growth and success of countries.Entrepreneurship is the symbol for business achievement and persistence. Almostall explanations for business, and for capitalism itself, rely onentrepreneurship as a cornerstone. A great amount of people around the worldengage in entrepreneurial activity. Entrepreneurship takes a number of formsand it appears in both small and big businesses, in new and establishedbusinesses, in the formal and informal economies, in legal and illegalactivities, in innovative and conventional cases and in all regions andeconomic sectors. Entrepreneurship is the key driver to economic development.Governments and academics intend to encourage entrepreneurship due to itsimportance to employment creation and GDP.

Without the never ending creation ofnew businesses, our economy would stop. Also business school students are veryinterested in entrepreneurship. Most people study entrepreneurship due to its importantrole in creating wealth. However, a financial view can be limiting and it preventsus from understanding the true impact entrepreneurship has on people. Theentrepreneur is considered to be the means of changing and amending theeconomy.



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