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 An understanding of power must not be sought in a unique source of sovereignty from which secondary and recent forms would emanate; it is the moving substrate of force relations which, by virtue of their inequality, constantly engender states of power, but the later are always local and unstable.. .. Power is everywhere not because

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After reading Candide, I received the honor of inviting a few guests to Voltaire’s chateau in Ferney. An invitation soon arrived to the invetés, Thomas Jefferson, Mary Wollstonecraft, Marie Antoinette, and a certain few others to come visit Voltaire’s chateau. Voltaire wrote to the guests, “The garden is looking rather handsome and I should be

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Introduction Cherry (2010) asserts that a child development which arises from the time of birth to adulthood was greatly overlooked throughout a great deal of the history of mankind. Essentially, children were appreciated as mare small version of adults and minimal concern was focused on the many improvements in their cognitive abilities, physical growth and

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Introduction Teenage pregnancy is the pregnancy of underage girls during their adolescent period, normally between the ages of 13 to 19 but this range varies depending on the age of the menarche and the legal age of adulthood, which varies from one country to another. The rate of teen pregnancy is on the rise world

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Introduction Today, more than ever before, most parents have accepted the notion that the first three years of a child’s life are critically important in determining whether or not the child will mature into an individual of high mental and cognitive abilities. Proponents of the ‘myth of the first three years’ argue that much of

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The above book is a welcome solution to the obscurity and doom that one frequently reads about concerning the state of public education in the US. Given the criticisms of public education that have become a norm in more than a half of the past century, it appears that those stating that the current state

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On February 26 2012, 17 year old black teen, Trayvon Martin was shot to death in Sanford Florida. He was walking home after buying a snack from 7 eleven when he was encountered by George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer. Zimmerman called the police saying “This guy looks like he’s up to no good,

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The relevance of Black History in present day is one which is of greater importance and awareness. The Black History month is one which is annually celebrated with the remembrance of the struggles and achievements gained by the African Americans within history. Van De Mieroop (2016) states that ‘In the twenty-first century, however it is

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Last year, Finland came in first for science and second forreading and math and according to the National Education Association, they havebeen performing similarly for nearly 50 years. Since the 1970s, Finland haschanged its traditional education system “into a model of a modern, publiclyfinanced education system with widespread equity, good quality, largeparticipation—all of this at

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People make decisions regarding health every day so they need principal rules that will guide the decisions to produce a rational outcome. These sets of rules are called health policies. In Chad, immunization policies are needed in order to increase the turn outs so that people can prevent polio, measles, meningitis and cholera. To expand

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Social factors have always been a determinant element in the effectiveness of K-12 education. Various researches done on the effectiveness of K-12 education in public schools indicate that social factors such as poverty, crime, dugs and teenage pregnancies are a major influence on the effectiveness of education. In this respect, poverty can be claimed to

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Education in Afghanistan is one of the most frequently discussed problems that require certain time and investigations. Many sources admit that the policies of the Taliban were so horrible and strict that any girl could not get a chance to study and enlarge own level of knowledge on the same level with boys. The point

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Levelled Classes in TEV?TÖL  For many years,students in TEV?TÖL have been separatedbecause of their levels. Have you ever thought that all the students are on thesame level? Is it possible? No, it isn’t. We should have levelled classes inTEV?TÖL because students in TEV?TÖL come to the TEV?TÖL from different schools, they have differentabilities and every student

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Education Past and PresentBecoming a vital part of individual’s growth, education system has evolved significantly. However, the ultimate purpose of education, that is for the development of pupils and teenagers in the thinking and behavior, has never been changed. On one hand, the willingness to learn plays an important role. Leonardo da Vinci once said

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Over the past decades, technology has radically transformed the way humans interact with each other. The numerous revolutions, such as the Industrial Revolution, that have taken place in our society have ushered in advancements, and the same can be said about the technological revolution. There has been continual debate around the positive and negative aspects

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Contemporary Issue PaperCorie JacksonCalifornia Baptist UniversityAbstractStandardized testing has had various impacts on our educational system, and is considered one of the most recent contemporary issues of our time.  This form of testing began as an admission process to attend colleges or charter schools, then as an exit examination,  then as a way for schools to

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Olayinka (2016) concluded that Social Studies teachers mustusethe essential teaching materials for their academic work and mustwork on waysand means to produce materials that is not available.It is thus important forthe government, administrators and parents work hand-in-hand to produceinstructional materials for teachers of Social Studies to facilitateinstructional and improvements in the learning outcomes of the

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A very good morning to everyone of you. My name is Connie. Of course, assignments will always be compulsory for the students in their whole education life. I am pretty sure that everyone of you will face the same struggle and stress to finish all these assignments. Now, I would like to ask you a


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