ense of site could be regarded as one of the major ways to identify and connect with either a person, place or any situation. It may be argued that cinema or films are one of the best way of visual interpretation of a situation or imagination (Batie, 2004). There are several different genres in films, for instance fiction, non-fiction and documentary (Sapino and Hoenisch 2011). However this essay will focus on documentary films. Therefore, in relation to this it may be said that growth of technology has created a new way of creating, viewing and presenting documentary films. Personal computers, smartphones and internet have widely changed this state and many believe it is accelerating.

Before going into details, it might be essential to understand what are documentary films. According to Grierson documentary films, traditionally were referred to the type of films produced through natural material (Batie, 2004). However, Batie  (2004) disagreeing to this the former, argued that documentary films are the ones which portray a natural setting or material which is regarded as ‘reality’ in a creative, expressive and imaginative way.

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Agreeing to Grierson argument, Mintz and Nolley (2007) state that documentary films are  created on commercially uncommon subject. The authors also argue that even though documentarians have not been lawyers who stand for a specific position, they still have been able to critically evaluate the services provided by the latter. However, nowadays, which may be regarded as the era of technology, expressing individual emotion on a particular theme while being creative has become much more accessible.

This could be achieved by the use of smartphones and social media. It may be said that creating a documentary film has become very easy with the help of smartphone. It could also be said that social media such as Facebook and Twitter are great ways in order to express individual or group concerns on a specific topic which may be of importance. Therefore this essay will discuss and critically evaluate that does smart phone and social media been able to bring about a change in the way documentary films are made and what effects it has had on the same. The essay will be followed by the new genres which have evolved overtime due to the presence of the technology. Following the introduction of what documentary film is, this section will discuss the effects of social media on documentary filming. According to Batie (2004) Robert Flaherty directed a documentary, ‘Nanook of the North’, a film based on the day to day activities carried out by Inuit people.

In order to release this documentary Flaherty Approached several distributers, however, the former was unable to find a company which would accept the work. However, after an extensive period of exploration Flaherty was able to locate a french distribution company who agreed on releasing the movie under their banner. The film maker had to face a lot of difficulties in order to release the film. According to a research carried out by Aufderheide, Jaszi and Chandra the ‘creative artists’, as referred by the documentarians are almost forced to multiply the productivity and cut the cost (Nisbet and Aufderheide, 2009). Hence, it is  argued that in this era of technology, internet and social media sites such as youtube has helped the filmmakers to direct the movie in the format which is most viewed by people, globally (De Jong, Rothwell and Knudsen (2014). On one hand it has made it economical, easy and personal (Nime, 2012). The author also states that social media also acts as a platform for filmmakers in order to raise funds to release a film online. Sites such as Boracy, InieGoGO, kickstarter and Massify could act as what is known as  ‘crowd funding’ or ‘tribe funding’ platform, where people who are interested in the topic the filmmaker is trying to create a visual interpretation of the debate can help interns of voluntarily providing with funds (De Jong, Rothwell and Knudsen (2014).

  However, on the other hand in order to make the previous statement hold true, it may be essential to adapt to the changes and gain the specific expertise which the industry demands (Nime, 2017). Therefore, due to these issues it is said that producing revenues  through a documentary can be very challenging due to the continuous multiplication of the online portfolio in the respective field. Social media websites have provided people with direct platforms in order to provide a criticism from the viewer (De Jong, Rothwell and Knudsen (2014). In relation to this Mcluhan (1964) stated that the digital world has created a state of interdependence, to which the author refers to as “global village”. By this the author meant that through the widespread use of the technology by the users, the internet has united people from different places and thought process and has helped them to unite and share ideas and informations. However, couple of the  statements  may be of advantage or perhaps disadvantage, depending on the way the social media sites are used.

It may be said if the information shared on the internet or social media sites is used in a healthy manner or given a productive criticism, then it may be in favour of everybody. However, if the information is missed or any reductive comments have been passed then it may go against the positive use of the internet. Another effect of internet and social media on documentary may be the revolutionised methods of easy communication (Manovich’s, 2001). The computer have been able to replace all forms of recording and playing media for instance, typewriter, tape recorders and television. All forms of information are stored digitally in the form of soft copies, which makes it easier to explore and find the material which is required


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