English filled with silent
characters and unexpected sounds. Often a student must simply memorize a word
in order to identify a written form in the future. Mnemonic devices can be
helpful in this regard, as they can drill vocabulary repeatedly and take a
multi-sensory approach to learning. The latter involves hearing a word read
aloud, seeing it in its written form and even incorporating the touch side,
such as writing the word at the same time. Many parents and teachers may face a
number of children who have reading problems. Reading is very important in the
learning process and depends on a large percentage of its success. Those who
can not read are difficult to learn to write, and reading is the first stage
that a student must master. The causes of
reading difficulties are many, including: Problems with vision and vision.
In addition to what has been discussed
previously, many children who have difficulty reading have short sightedness,
or problems in distinguishing colors, such as white on the green or black board
is not clear, and the latter type is the level of examination Consideration of
the child is sound, leading to parents not paying attention to the problem.
There are problems in the hearing process of the child, and thus becomes unable
to hear his voice during reading and thus fall into the problem of
non-discrimination. The weakness of the child in the process of spelling
characters, which is the first step in trying to bind the characters, making
reading difficult. The process of
learning how to read, regardless of which language is a step in itself. Using
symbols to represent speech sounds can take some time for the child to fully
understand. However, this is one of the
reasons why many parents prefer to stick to one language during the process.
Other parents do not feel that it is necessary to artificially distinguish between
reading in one language and another, so they approach the process in both
languages ??at the same time. In one family of parents, each parent can
participate in the learning process using the language they speak with the


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