Engineering is just what it sounds like, designing, installing, testing , and most important of all finding effective and efficient solutions to the problems being faced by the world in this era. Engineering has always fascinated me ever since I was child. I always enjoyed finding answers to the most intricate of problems. Studying electrical engineering will allow me to have an in depth understanding of how things work. In short, it would allow me to see how principles of physics and math are applied in our real life.

From a very young age, physics and math have intrigued me as they allow me to view the world in a different perspective. Engineering is field which solves the world’s most impactful problems and perusing my career as an electrical engineer gives me an opportunity to help the society by solving problems thus improving the standard of society and the betterment of humanity’s future.

 Personally, it’s my belief that while we have a wide range of understanding of how such complex mechanisms work we don’t have enough people who are dedicated to actually implement such solutions to our daily lives. I believe that I have what it takes to do that as I have always been very career orientated and strive to achieve my goals.

Throughout my 12 years of schooling, I took great pride in solving mathematical problems while applying my knowledge of physics to them as well. Besides that, I have aided my physics teacher in numerous projects during my last high school years. It was at age 8 when I broke my toy car exposing all of the circuits and its components which made me excited because seeing inside of how a toy car worked gave me much joy and intrigued me.I would say that this was the moment my passion for physics and desire to learn more about such mechanisms commenced.

Following this, in my middle school and high school I made several homemade physics projects and one of them was an amplifier I built from a LM386 IC(Integrated chip) and a water level indicator made from components that I desoldered from an old radio. This is one of the project that I took most pride in. The more projects I did at home, the more I fell in love and developed a solid passion for physics and electrical engineering. That may have been the reason I won 3 annual science fairs consecutively in my high school years. I feel I have developed a lot of necessary skills of working with printed circuit boards(PCBs) and basic electrical components which can help me in future.

Mathematical challenges have always fascinated me. Studying pure mathematics and mechanics in my AS level provided me with a fundamental understanding of the world around us. Physics a level helped me see the universe with fresh eyes and helped me strengthen my base in already known concepts while enhancing them and building upon the foundation layers. I now believe that I can grasp concepts that I will learn in the coming years as I was lucky enough to have a very diligent and understanding teacher.

During all these years I came to know that I had interest in space and flight even. I researched and read books and articles about airplanes, space craft, astrophysics and space-time theories by Albert Einstein. Recently on my visit to United States I got a chance to visit NASA’ s Kennedy Space Center in Orlando Florida. I had a chance to see all the rockets and satellites in person and visited launch pad 39-A from where the first humans were launched to a mission to the moon. This visit made me strive for a better understanding in jet propulsion and rockets.

I believe that a successful engineer should have good leadership skills, scientific reasoning, and good communication skills. I am a member of student council, and I was elected as treasurer for my school. This enhanced my communication and leadership skills greatly as well as gave me the chance to understand my fellow peers better. This gave me an opportunity to participate in community service and give back to the community that has provided me so much.

 In my free time, I watch documentaries on physics and technology to keep up to date with new developments in scientific world. The sports I enjoy the most are cricket and soccer. I am the captain of my school’s cricket team. I self-taught myself how to play guitar at a very young age, this made me interested in playing more musical instruments which led me to learn to play piano.

I hope your university would give me a solid base for a successful career in electrical engineering and would allow me to get involved in the development of systems which help the society with effective solutions, more energy efficient answers to help the world and problems faced by it.


I'm Erica!

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