Empowering female artists to followIn Natalie Krim’s dreamlike drawings, multiple figures, limbs and shapes blossom out of one another, describing ecstatic sessions of romantic copulation in a single image.

The priority Krim gives to the female form in her compositions, as well as an emphasis on female pleasuring, creates delicate pictorial visions of explosive female orgasms.Krim’s illustrations are highly erotic in nature often boldly portraying self-pleasuring women and men’s private parts, but simultaneously her drawings are quite delicate and sensitive.Natalie does consider herself a feminist, however, she states that it has nothing to do with her work. She’s not making a statement, she’s just showing her life.Follow Natalie here: @nataliejhaneMonica Kim Garza is known to create a safe world for big-bodies women of color.

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Her work tells stories of powerful yet soft indifiduals, carefree to take on the world embrassing the shape of their bodies and the colour of their skin. And on the contrary, her work drives the viewer completely far away from the matter of ethicity or shape and it redirects right into the story she’s telling – whether on the beach, on the couch, in the kitchen, we are there. While some people don’t see race, just women, others feel exactly the opposite – they see that Latina, Asian, or Native American full-figured girl chilling on the beach and do find themselves in it and they know they deserve to have the spotlight shining on them too.Monica’s paintings refreshingly celebrate women in all their glory.Follow Monica here: Anna Koak’s caricatures show a reality of womanhood despite their cartoony style. Here, each personality radiates through, taking over so strongly that it’s only after absorbing the story of each woman that we realize they’re all naked. Koak has a profound ability to paint women beyond the erotism of a body without having to hide the body itself.Koak’s drawings bring out all the different personalities a woman, or anyone really, can have – sinner and saints, lovers and foes, and that they are all there because they’re helping us deal with something.Follow Anna here:


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