Employment ContractTHIS EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT is between thefollowing parties: PI (the “Employer”) & Mr.

John Denver (the “Employee”) WHEREAS the Employer wants to obtainthe benefits of the Employee’s services and the Employee wants to render theirservices based on the conditions of this contract.  Thetwo parties agree to the following:  Employment By accepting this position, the Employee agrees to perform all of the requiredduties described in this contract in a safe and professional manner. TheEmployee is required to follow all Employer policies and directions given byword or in writing. The Employee also acknowledges that duty responsibilitiesare subject to change at the Employer’s discretion.  Start DateThe Employee will begin full-time employment with the Employer as of the1st day of February, 2018.  Duty Title and ResponsibilitiesAs a Residential ConstructionPainter, the Employee will be required to perform the following duties andfulfill the following responsibilities in a safe and professional manner onbehalf of the Employer.a.

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The Employee will provideclients with advice about color options and make recommendations about the mostappropriate paint choices. b. Employees will be responsiblefor constructing required scaffolding in a safe manner that protects theEmployee, the client and the client’s property. c. Use of ladders will berequired.  d.

Must be ableto lift and carry up to 50 lbs. e. Travel within 50 miles of theEmployer’s base of operations will be required on a regular basis.  3. Compensation andBenefits.a.

Base Pay. The employee shallbe paid a base hourly rate of $15.50 per hour. Earned pay will be dispersed bythe Employer on a bi-monthly basis and will be subject to all applicable federalstate and local withholdings. b. Overtime. Any hours accruedduring one week (Monday through Sunday) totaling less than our equal to 40hours will be paid at the base hourly rate. Hours accrued during one week(Monday through Sunday) above and beyond 40 hours will be paid at a rate of 2xthe base hourly rate.

c. Holiday Pay. In the eventthat the Employee is required to work on a federally observed holiday, theEmployee will be paid at a rate of 2x the base hourly rate. c. Travel. The Employer willprovide the employee with company vehicles for travel to and from job sites. TheEmployer will reimburse the employee for any expenses incurred relating tooperating company vehicles in the performance of official duties.

The Employee willbe required to maintain and deliver all receipts to the Employer for verificationprior to being reimbursed. d. Duty Hours. Hours ofoperation will vary.

Show times, start times and end of day will be dependentupon job site requirements. Normal office hours will be held from 0900 – 1700,Monday through Friday. e. Paid Leave.

Hourly employeeswill not be provided paid leave.f. Sick Leave.

The Employerplaces no limit on sick leave. The Employee will not be financially compensatedfor days missed due to illness. Days missed due to illness will not be countedagainst the Employee or used by the Employer as justification for Termination.  4. OJT    a. Duration. The Employee will beenrolled into on the job training (OJT) on the first day of employment. OJTwill be conducted over a period of four weeks (one month).

b. Qualification. Upon completionof OJT, the Employee will be evaluated by their Supervisor. If the Employee isgiven a rating of “Satisfactory” by their Supervisor at the conclusion of OJTthey will be considered fully qualified. If the Employee is given a rating of “Unsatisfactory”by their Supervisor, the Employee will be subject to remedial training.  c.

Remedial Training. Additionaltraining to be covered will be based upon the deficiencies of the Employee asidentified by their Supervisor. Remedial Training will be conducted over aperiod of four weeks. In the event that the Employee receives a second ratingof “unsatisfactory” at the end of remedial training, the Employee will besubject to termination. 8. Contract Length     The length ofthis contract is indefinite.

9. PerformanceEvaluationsEvaluations will be performed bythe Employee’s immediate Supervisor on a bi-yearly basis. The   Employee will be provided with areas forimprovement and given opportunity to improve.

Employees who exhibitconsistently high standards of performance will be considered for pay raises atthe end of the calendar year. 10. Terminationa.

The Employer reserves theright in accordance will all applicable laws and regulations to terminate theEmployee for just cause without notice. b. In the event that theEmployee wishes to terminate their employment, the Employee will give theEmployer verbal or written notice at least two weeks prior to the Employee’sdesired termination date. The Employee agrees to continue to execute theirduties in a safe and professional manner until the notice period concludes. TheEmployee also agrees to ensure that their replacement is properly trained andany relevant information is handed down. c.

The Employer will not changethe Employee’s compensation during the notice period.


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