EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT THISAGREEMENT is dated on 27th day of January 2018,between SUNRISE LTD   “the employer” and Gurwinder kaur, ofthe City of Brampton in the Province of Ontario, “the employee”BothThe Employer and Employee wish to enter into the agreement governing term andconditions of an employment contract.INCONSIDERATION of the promise and other good and valuable consideration itis agreed by and between the parties.

 Termsof Employment  The contract is made on the effect of January27, 2018 up to January 27, 2020 for two periods of full-time employmentJob title and descriptionAsa SUPERVISOR, the Employee is required to perform the following duties.(a) Planning and scheduling staff, ensuring adequate coverage tomeet business needs.(b) Cross trained to assist in any area of operation.(c)  Liable for cash management.

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(d) Completing and upholding products safety standard andprocedure.Compensation and Benefits  (a)The employee shall be paid at a rate of $14.50 per hour for (8) hoursworking period. (b)Bonus Calculation might be included in order to exercise.

    (c) The salary will be paid to you biweekly onbasis of deductions through Direct Deposit or by cheque.(d)The employee must be entitled to provide the benefits of health and dental planpension, and vacation pay place from time to time by company. Vacation   Employee shall be allowed get each year four(4) weeks of vacation and these are observed by company.   Probation PeriodToevaluate your fit inside Company, the initial three (3) months of youremployment will constitute a trial period.

In this trial period, Company mayfire your work without cause and without notification ahead of time or pay inlieu of notice. Evaluation and disciplineprocedureTheemployee must provided written performance evaluation after 6 months. Theemployer must tell about the disciplinary procedure to each employee. Ifemployer is failed to provide information to employee, he must be claim you andcompensated for 2-4 weeks. Company policies andreference to employee manualCompanyhas built up a variety of approaches that are agreeable in workplace. Duringemployment period you must follow the policies standard and rules that areintroduced by company.

 TerminationTheemployee may terminate his work whenever by giving the Employer no less thantwo (2) weeks early notification of his/her goal to leave. If company breachesthe contract between 2 years of employment then employer must pay $ 1.50 lakhto the employee. Recitalof management rights Ifyour duties and responsibilities were changed during the employment it will notaffect the validity of the contract. As employer has a right to change yourduty.Confidentiality The employee must agree to keep informationof company confidentiality and does not disclose any information during andafter employment. Company also does not disclose any information of theemployee.Entire Agreement Thisagreement contains the whole agreement between the parties, superseding in all regards all earlier oral orcomposed agreement or understandings relating to the work of the Employee bythe Employer and should be corrected or adjusted just by composed instrumentmarked by both of the gatherings hereto.

INWITNESS WHEREOF the employer has caused this contract to be executed as of 27thday of January, 2018 date signed in presence of:  Signatureof Employer                                                                         Signature of Employee PART 2ESSAYNegotiation Both employer and employeemust follow the regulation of the contract but if there is any conflict betweenthem, if any conflict arise in between the employer and employee they mustresolve it with mutual concern. Essential elements of contract There should be legalbinding between the employer and employee that shows contract is legal and itis enforceable by the law under contract deed.Any contract withoutconsideration between employer and employee is not enforceable.  It is a duty of Employer to discuss everyaspect of business with employee to seek the interest of the employee whileimplementing new policies.  An employment contract canbe written. If issue of confidentially arise it is preferable to execute awritten agreement.

It is legal document to produce in court in future.Employer and employee bothare free to say anything either take any decision without any kind of pressureon them. Obligation that must be followed·        Correct information must be provided in the contractregarding duties of employee.·        Both employer and employee have mutual trust on them.·        Employee will be paid right sum on revise time as it issettled upon.·        It is duty of employer to observed health and safetyregulations in the company.·        They both showed proper respect toward each other , if anyconflict arises is it duty of both of them to resolve in the office withoutcreating any scene in front of employees.·        Employee will be given one month paid holiday every year.

·        In case of breach of contract legal action must be taken.Non performance You are entitled to performevery duty that is bound under the contract and mentioned if one of the partiesis not able to perform his duty and other will suffer from it then sufferingparty will sue against other party. And sued party has to pay for it.Remedy of breach of contractCompensation is decided byinnocent party that how they will settled down the dispute at workplace or incourt. Innocent party will get a compensation of 1.

5 lakh dollars at time ofbreach of contract. 


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