platform allows its users to connect, control and manage devices globally by
offering Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity products and services. By
leveraging the company’s solutions, the users are exposed to various radio
networks available in the world and allow them to choose from any mobile bearer
service as per their suitability to build their applications without any
constraints which further can be deployed into their enterprise network. The
Emnify platform also provides endpoint management and security solutions, APIs,
dashboards, SIM management solutions, and individual support plans to its end
users. Users can activate, deactivate SIMs, change price plans and plan and
define data consumption. The platform also gives its users the freedom to
switch between different mobile operators rather than using a single mobile
operator during the entire lifecycle of the product. In addition to the satellite
connectivity, Emnify’s global data network is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G (LTE)

Germany based EMnify, properly
addresses the technicalities of the cloud services market. The Emnify IoT cloud
makes it flexible for users to create their own virtual mobile network and thus
the mobile connectivity is not restricted to any home or user network. EMnify
provides a platform for the development, and management of on-demand M2M and IIoT
communication (Source: emnify.com). Customers in industries such as building
and construction, Energy and utilities, industrial services, logistics, retail,
transportation and communication leverage the platform to improve their effectiveness
and operational efficiencies.

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creativity, and controlled risk taking are attributes that help EMnify
understand the market and define a roadmap and vision to take it forward. EMnify
provides connectivity over 540 cellular networks globally covering more than
180 countries. The platform works on a unique technology named the Elastic Core
Network (ECN) Technology. This technology has radio network-agnostic features
that connect various devices and applications to elastic, user defined
connectivity. By leveraging the platforms, end users can create virtual mobile
networks for their devices. With the ‘API (artificial programming interface)
first’ approach, the entire process in automated and seamlessly integrated with
external It systems. The users gain full visibility of all the functions by
opening the programming interfaces. The users can manage the SIM cards and
applications in real time. The platform gives its users the ability to set up security
policies for exchange of critical data. The company offers its customers with
SIMs of varied sizes based on their requirement and the quality of the SIM is
completely based on two critical factors; deployment needs and environmental factors.


EMnify provides a secure cellular management platform worldwide and helps businesses
maximize their efficiency and reduce risks. Emnify is one of the most trusted
IIoT Cloud Services and Software Company. It started with the aim of
capitalizing the IIoT opportunity and within 4 years of its establishment, the
company has offered solutions to some of the biggest brands across the globe having
seized the opportunity to its maximum. The Emnify platform seamlessly
integrates all its features into its users’ systems and processes. The Elastic
Cloud service allows businesses to connect the M2M devices throughout the
entire lifecycle of that device. The company’s core values, such as speed of
innovation, trust, collaboration, empowerment, and risk taking, underpin its

By leveraging the platform, users
can manage each and every feature of their process and connectivity in detail and
thus can reduce the overall cost of ownership. EMnify also provides its users with
several monetizing options. Users can combine their devices to the e-commerce stack
and market their connectivity. Emnify also provides with an option of fully
integrated provisioning and delivery services which can be automatically implements
after the purchase of the EMnify service. As a third option, EMnify has a customizable
store that can be integrated on mobile. This creates a differentiated brand


Customer Ownership Experience

ownership experience that customers gain from using EMnify’s platform and
owning its connectivity platform can be best appreciated by understanding the
company’s perspective of the role of enhancing M2M connectivity in the future.

EMnify also
offers some unique and extra ordinary security features which is a unique
combination of encrypted communication, tamper resistance and application
firewalls. EMnify’s connectivity platform supports more than one security
mechanisms and offers an API that can be easily integrated into any Internet
of Things industry and service application. The company provides its cloud
connectivity services in two ways; Software as a Service (SaaS) and
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The company continuously works to augment
the ownership experience for its customers by developing products that increase
comfort, productivity, and prove to be economical and sustainable.


Customer Service Experience

The customer
service experience is a dynamic feature for every organization that impacts a
company’s standpoint on customer-oriented processes. Customers experience
improved quality and productivity levels from product innovations derived from
the company’s strong customer service.

EMnify has been
constantly growing serving customers and deploying SIMs in more than 60

The company has recently opened a new 24/7 customer
support branch to offer a multilingual, continuous technical support with
real-time access to network and provisioning information to its users. 

The company also has a customer portal that allows its
users to submit tickets and follow up on the progress. This gives the customers
end to end transparency about the entire process. Emnify also has an automated
ticket routing system which routes in incoming ticket request to the right
Emnify executive in a very systematic way. This in turn improves the response
time and helps in increasing customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Emnify also has a large pool of experienced
and passionate people on the engineering team and the executive team that are
constantly working on providing superior customer service at every level of
interaction with their users and customers.


Brand equity

Founded in
2014, EMnify has successfully established itself as a well-known and respected
brand within IIoT and cloud services market and is renowned for providing
disruptive technology with unique solutions such as the EMnify platform for its
customers. EMnify has been successful in establishing brand loyalty amongst its
customers and is a trusted partner to its customers because it works with them
to co-innovate, create new opportunities, and solve problems in the IIoT space.
By leveraging EMnify’s platform in their systems, the customers can increase
their operational efficiencies, reduce the time and cost of deployment.
Emnify’s partner ecosystem includes includes some of the biggest companies such
as Amazon web services (AWS); validating brand equity.


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