Electricity remains because of the universal supply of energy. There are specific appliances that reduced energy used. There are also smart metering solutions that support and maximize the potency of energy.

Eventually, the availability of resources that produces electricity reduce and becomes restricted to meet the demand of the rapidly increasing community of the Philippines. The power consumption of every appliance differs depending on the brand and sort of appliance. Philippine energy consumption may change in the coming years as the government starts to resource and develop market reforms to fulfill economic growth and maximize energy efficiency.According to the 2011 Household Energy Consumption Survey (HECS), electricity was most used for lighting functions. It remains as the most usually supply of energy utilized by homes within the Philippines. Alternative sources came from fuel wood, LPG, charcoal and kerosene but about 87 percent of 21.

0 million houses used electricity from March to August 2011. Electricity was used for lighting by concerning seventy eight percent within the 2004 spherical of survey.In 2011, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), became the foremost well-liked lighting with seventy-seven percent of households. It had popularly used despite of the financial gain of the family. It is said that this bulbs can last up to 10 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs. Electricity is additionally widely used for recreational activities and area cooling such as television viewing, radio, karaoke, fan, and air conditioning.

The 1995 Household Energy Consumption Survey (HECS) is a nationwide survey that is designed by the joint efforts of the Department of Energy (DOE) and also the National Statistics Office (NSO) that first conducted in 1989. It gathers information and knowledge on residential energy consumption patterns and preferences.This research aims to form an energy efficient and sustainable solution to reduce energy consumption, however, still has a lot of advantage in power quality. Integrate potency and management to optimally decrease energy bills. Distribute effective and distinctive power conditioning products to help the people in reducing their energy consumption and to maximize energy efficiency.


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