Egypt’s Nile Island is the real living space in the surrounding cities and villages. In the context of economic, environmental, service and population issues, coupled with urban expansion and backward agricultural technologies, agricultural land is eroded and Nile islands have not been adequately studied in order to highlight the attractiveness of natural resources as tourist attractions. Fully develop and develop, provide residents with better services and improve the local environment. By studying successful river island sample models around the world and drawing on past experience, we examined existing Egyptian architectural designs to successfully develop the Nile Island sample and present practical solutions to the Nile, potential and developmental approaches to the issue of islands and How to make it a tourist attraction.The study uses a neglected Nile Island off Manti Corniche as an example. The proposed development of architectural design, the island has become a refreshment in the surrounding areas, enhance the attractiveness of tourism. The study’s overall architectural design can be applied to most of the undeveloped Nile islands in Egypt. Keywords: Nile archipelago river islet tourist attraction Egypt introduction and historical charm. Cruise travel is one of the main foundations for tour guides, who explain each archeological site in detail. Egypt’s economy, which accounts for about 40% of the Nile’s total area, is the most land-rich region, accounting for 19.3% of Egypt’s foreign exchange earnings, some of which is thought to contribute directly to 7% of GDP.Tourism is interwoven with migratory birds, and another is characterized by the unique topographical features of many parts of its production and service sectors, as sand dune 70 is a mixture of the feed industry. Tourism is also one of the tallest mountain areas on both sides of the Nile. The greenfields of key national industries, directly and indirectly, provide vegetation and animal diversity among the islands, of which 12.6% are rare in other regions. Total employment in Egypt.Clean and cool climate and many other factors combined with the rest of the world, especially Egyptian tourists, is a tourist highland. God granted many of Egypt’s natural and winter. Although the Nile islands are more humane than Egypt, they tend to be more diversified into tourism products from other river islands in the world. However, due to the tremendous interest in travel and beach tourism, the status of these islands is still awaiting the negative impact of travel, holiday travel, the treatment of Nile cruise ships and human intervention. Development system maximizes efficiency The Nile cruise liner has its unique flavor and special charm from the aesthetic origins and the biodiversity of the Egyptian Nile surface.The Nile Cruise takes into account the potential of visitors to gain visibility and sustainability as one of the benefits of the next generation, the Nile is their favorite destination; some tourists consider water quality and attractions. Today, the Nile Island faces many problems in the entertainment and meditation of natural beauty


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