The appraisal interview should take a structured approach and keep the main objective of focusing on the past performance and outcomes. This can then lead to comments regarding the employees’ future motivation and performance. When agreeing on performance objects for the future the appraiser should look at the goals of the company as a whole. There should be a distinction between the company’s goals and that of the objectives set for the employee.

An example of this may be the company expects to increase sales by a certain amount in one year.On the other hand the employee’s objective may be to bring one new client to the company every month for the next year. The appraiser should be able to communicate effectively and criticise past performance with positivity. This will make the employee feel they are not being judged as a whole however if the targets being set are being reached. This should however not be just the recent past however over the period of time possible one year, including occasions when the employee has been praised. The appraisal form should be used as a guide through the interview always remembering it should be a two-way process.

Together the new objectives need to be set, this leads to the need for real effective communication. Both parties need to understand what goals would be achievable and viable for the company. Feedback needs to be present to make sure both know exactly what will be happening until the next appraisal interview. The end of an appraisal situation must have given the employee the knowledge of how to meet the goals and to have felt his concerns have been discussed fairly. They should have been given the knowledge to be able to prioritise tasks if some problems arise.The appraiser should have left the employee feeling positive about the appraisal and that he is a respected and valued member within the company. As we know however verbal communication can lead to ineffectiveness, due to noise barriers.

More so even after quality feedback there could be misunderstandings or suggested goals could be forgotten. This is why to further the effectiveness of the communication the appraiser should give employees a written copy of their new objectives, and keep one in their personal file too.It would also be a good opportunity to give the employee a chance to appeal against the appraisal interview if they feel there have been any discrepancies or they have been harshly treated. The appraiser needs to be able to take positives out of the interview also, they should been trying to critically analysis their interviewing technique. They should be trying to improve their communication skills making sure they are as effective as they can be. Clearly most of the communication will be that of a verbal nature.The main task to being effective is understanding the goals for the future, and successfully conveying them to the employee. Correct use of language will help to be effective, whilst having a strict plan for the meeting will stop it moving at a tangent.

Metacommunication could be used during an appraisal; the concept of metacommunication was introduced by Gregory Bateson. “In its basic form, a metacommunication is an act of communication between two agents that also communicates something about the communication itself, or about the relationship between the two agents, or both. “This basically means the appraiser and employee discuss together the goals that should be set. This in turn is raising the employee’s self esteem and confidence as they feel that they are being treated as a peer. As we all know during a conversation one party is talking whilst the other is listening.

It has been suggested that we spend 70% of our time listening. Therefore to be able to have effective conversions we should understand how we can better our listening skills. Good communicators are able to concentrate solely on the speaker and not allow themselves to be distracted.

Reading body language also helps the listener to be able to hear what is not said or help clarify something that is. Whist all this is true for verbal communication it does not help us with written or visual communication. The HR department must find ways of overcoming feedback problems associated with written communication.

We are now in a situation where in a company most written communication will be via the medium of eMail and instant messaging.One way to be able to get feedback would be to just write in the document “How will you go about performing this task?” or just with an instruction to reply. Two-way communication is vital to a successful organisation; it helps fulfil the potential of its employees. “communication must be seen as a dialogue, not a monologue. ” Another time the HR department must show effective communication skills is during a merger or take-over situation.

This can be a very stressful time for employees creating a very tense atmosphere within the organisation. Rumours will be flying around the office reducing motivation people if they think that it is their position that is going to be made redundant.A manager should not pass on any information until they have fully understood and know all the details of the proposed take-over or merger. The employees’ like the company need to understand fully how their roles may change also what it will mean to targets and objectives. Using effective communication the HRM department can reduce stress by letting some employees know they are valued to the company and play an important role.

In this essay I have looked at effective communication and how it can affect various roles within human resource management.It is clear to see that effective communication plays a massive role within all areas. Being a human resource manager does not make you a good communicator but being an effective communicator can make you a better human resource manager. Most importantly communication should be concise and convey all the information needed. Without effective communication it is easy for workers to be become less motivated reducing productivity, reducing profits and this cycle could continue in a downward spiral.

Effective communication needs to be present to enhance the survival and efficiency of a company.


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