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The relevance of Black History in present day is one which is of greater importance and awareness. The Black History month is one which is annually celebrated with the remembrance of the struggles and achievements gained by the African Americans within history. Van De Mieroop (2016) states that ‘In the twenty-first century, however it is

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Last year, Finland came in first for science and second for reading and math and according to the National Education Association, they have been performing similarly for nearly 50 years. Since the 1970s, Finland has changed its traditional education system “into a model of a modern, publicly financed education system with widespread equity, good quality,

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Olayinka (2016) concluded that Social Studies teachers mustuse the essential teaching materials for their academic work and mustwork on ways and means to produce materials that is not available.It is thus important for the government, administrators and parents work hand-in-hand to produce instructional materials for teachers of Social Studies to facilitate instructional and improvements in

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A very good morning to everyone of you. My name is Connie. Of course, assignments will always be compulsory for the students in their whole education life. I am pretty sure that everyone of you will face the same struggle and stress to finish all these assignments. Now, I would like to ask you a

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With the implementation of the Republic Act No. 10533 which aims to enhance the Philippine basic education system by strengthening its curriculum and increasing the number of years for basic education, majority of the general education courses in the tertiary level of the Commission on Higher Education are relegated to the senior high school level

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Singaporean students are well-known to be top in the world for literacy and numeracy. According to a Pisa Study conducted in 2015. Singapore’s students were excellent at working with one another to solve problems. Singapore also produced the lowest number of low performers in terms of academics (Goh,2017). The education system in Singapore has been


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