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My interest in the field of Electrical technology and my curiosity to know how things around us work right from childhood motivated me to take up engineering during under graduation. I choose Electronics and Instrumentation as my major because of my fierce passion to explore how Electronics and Electrical appliances around us work and of

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“Unplanned pregnancies can halt a woman’s career, education, as well as other goals that they may desire to achieve in life.” Having a child takes a lot of responsibility and maturity. While most mothers choose to keep the child despite the circumstances, mothers always have options. They could choose between keeping the child, aborting the

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The child I have chosen for my school based independent study has ‘Profound Bilateral Sensori Neural Deafness’ and has a ‘Bilateral Cochlear Implant’, which aims to stimulate the auditory nerve directly to give a sensation of hearing (Gregory et al, 1999). Without these implants, pupil X cannot hear any sound. In my study, I will

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Jefferson DavisThe Civil War was a very famous and trying part of our nation’s history. There were many distinguished figures who either got their start or furthered their fame during the Civil War. One of these figures, Jefferson Davis, went from a Mississippi planter to the President of the Confederate States of America. How did

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I reviewed the 2009 film The Blind Side, directed by John Lee Hancock. The film focuses on the obstacles of a young Black man trying to merge with White society. Michael Oher, or “Big Mike,” shows how a Black man experiences mistreatment and prejudice in his White community. The film also analyzes the frequent perceptions

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Edward Vernon Rickenbacker  was known as America’s ace of aces while WW1 was going on. He had the top number of aerial winnings. An aerial winning/victory is when an air ace/flying ace/fighter ace shoots down the aircraft of their enemy while fighting in the air. He was also known to be a risk taker, he

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Happiness has been a disputable subject for many years now. Every person is in some way seeking their happiness, while the main contributing factors to happiness have been a debatable issue. The two articles, which are “The secret to a deeper happiness is simpler than you might think” by Ginny Graves and “Happiness is other


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