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Ethan KimProfessor MillerENGL 102 L25 January 2018SleepDeprived Students            Canhumans really survive on three hours of sleep and two hundred milligrams ofcaffeine? Technically, they can, but they really should not. From firsthandexperience and extensive research, it is glaringly obvious that students needat least seven hours of sleep per night. There is no way around it –

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What from my past made me go into this field? What will I do during this degree program?My major, instrumentation, is an interdisciplinary subject. Thus, it gave me plenty of opportunities toexplore my interest in the undergraduate study. After the first several years’ serious exploration, I decidedto devote myself to optics, a field I am

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This study is designed to analyze the factors involved that affect the academic performance among FSR students. Student-athletes have unique pressures to perform academically and athletically, and often these pressures can be aggregated from a variety of sources both internally and externally (Ting, 2009). A lack of motivation in various factors could affect the academic

Multigrade F., Brendgen, M., & Tremblay, R. E.

MultigradeTeachers’ Travails on the Implementation of “Drop-Out Reduction Program” of theDepartment of EducationJardio,GC 1.0             Introduction Drop-Out Reduction Program (DORP) is an interventionto reduce the high drop-out rate, to enhance learning outcomes in the publicand private schools in the country. It can be done through formal, non-formaland informal approaches. This is effective in reducing the dropout rate, in theattainment

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MeasurementDriven Instruction: Stress and lower success ratesMany students aresuffering from debilitating stress levels, caused by measurement driven instruction.This type of instruction creates higher stress levels in students and lower successrates after college. Students stress levels increase because they are worriedabout flunking a class after just one test. Higher stress levels can cause illnessin students. Because

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Collegelife presents multiple challenges where the students with disabilities couldexperience complexities that impact their inclusion and success.  Students with disabilities presentvulnerability or disadvantage in the process of adapting to college life, asthese tend to be complex (DeFur, Getzel & Trossi, 1996). Particularly,eleven percent (11%) of students with disabilities are in the search for universityeducation and

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Republic of the PhilippinesMindanao State UniversityGeneral Santos City     “Impact of English, Math, Science and Social Sciencegrades in the Academic Performance of the 4th Year AB- SociologyStudents in their Major Subjects”       Submitted By:Hanna Claire A. Jarabelo  Submitted To:Prof. Mario Aguja     Sociology studies the interaction of peopleliving in the society. How they affect the society and how the society affectsthem. It


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