EducationMicrosoftOffice improve a lot all these years to help various field so that Microsoftoffice services can be offer worldwide and make people from different fieldseasy while doing any documentation works.  Microsoft are widely use inmostly all countries. Computer applications are tools that help students tomanage their learning. For an example, a student wants to create a table forstatistic subject, the particular student will use Microsoft Excel to create atable because the table will be well organized and convenient.

The convenience makesstudents get more interest in studying. I strongly believe that computerapplications bring good impacts rather than bad impacts on education becausecomputer applications improve all the time for the students and teachers, it”capture” a student learning interest or it manage a good teaching method forteachers. Nowadays, students can study by themselves just using computerapplications that is why there are home study right now. This modern technologyage more prone to online study because parents thinks that they can take caretheir children while they are studying. Parents will choose this way for theirchildren that means computer applications are very convenient and complete insyllabus for children to study.

Next, teachers use computer applications aswell in their teaching career like preparing presentation slides or collectinginformation. This help teachers to teach easily and more precise because of thepresentations slides, students tend to understand more on presentation slidesbecause of the colours that attract their interest to concentrate and mostimportant is the short main points to understand easily. Last but not least,students can learn knowledge from other countries or students can know newsfrom other countries, this portal let student to get a broad perspective sothat they have broad ideas or different way of thinking on a problem solving orgiving opinions. As conclusion, computer applications are very beneficial tosociety because a good society start from education, as computer applicationshelps so much in education, so it is very important for people to invest morein computer application. The investment is surely worth for the society andpersonally.

Industry andEngineeringMicrosoftOffice improve a lot all these years to help various field so that Microsoftoffice services can be offer worldwide and make people from different fieldseasy while doing any documentation works.  Microsoft are widely use inmostly all countries. Undeniable, industry and engineering field need computerapplications to work with them because people from industry and engineeringfield depends mostly on these computer applications to done their work orpresent their work. I strongly quote that without the presence of computerapplications, industries and engineering would not develop until what we haveright now in this age of 2017. People from industry and engineering field needto do a lot of calculation, quantity survey, drawing and etc.

Therefore, theydepend on these computer applications to help them do it efficiently. This isbecause some computer applications do have automatic function to help some workto be done like auto-calculate, auto-correct, auto-fixed and etc. That means wecan only do 95% of the job only. We do not need to worry about all the generalmistakes that we made on our work, we just need to slightly check what did. Next,the development of the country in engineering is rapid because of theefficiency that the computer applications brought to us. This is becausearchitect draw or construct a construction by using these computerapplications, it is fast and neat so the drawing is presentable to propose totheir company. Therefore, engineers can see it clearly to give instructions tothe workers. Last but not least, one of the most commonly use computerapplication is Microsoft Word because it is widely use in Universities orColleges to People who work in industry field.

Work like finance,manufacturing, marketing and so on need to use Microsoft Word to generate theirreports or proposal. The function of Microsoft Word benefits them in terms ofefficiency and convenience. As conclusion, industry and engineering occupationcannot leave computer applications in their work and the efficiency is 100%with the help of computer applications. As a suggestion, improve yourself bylearning computer applications from young for future learning or workingpurposes.Medical andHealthcareI believe that the impactof computer towards the medical and healthcare is very important.

Doctors needthem to search information such as data interpretation, patient diagnosis, andclinical protocols, etc. In addition, computers can generate reminders forphysicians. For complex issues, computers can integrate and use patientrecords, knowledge databases and research plans.

For example, if a patient hasa tumour in the brain, doctors can run an x-ray test to find out where thetumour is.  Other than that, it decreasesthe cost. When a medical facility is tested on a computer, it can automaticallydisplay information that promotes cost-effective treatment and testing.Computers also allow the use of paperless electronic systems. No need to printtest results, test information, reservation information, etc., cansignificantly reduce paper waste, thus saving trees and money. Also, withcomputers, it comes to electronic mail.

E-mail is a great tool for sendingmessages. In a healthcare environment, patients and healthcare providersbenefit from the organization of the appointment dates and easy access to them.If the patient communicates with the doctor over the Internet, this may reducethe percentage of visits in the office. People will save time and money byreducing the actual visits they have to go to the clinic. Moreover, computerscan let patients to have visual perspective on their health reports. By doingso, it creates a more advance way of recording, analysing, and understanding apatient’s situation better. Without these technologies, it would be much moredifficult for the patient and doctors to understand compared to usingtechnologies. Not only can users look up general information about theirpersonal situation, but they can find answers to frequently asked questions forspecific things that they are interested in finding information about.

In thefuture, more and more technologies are going to be a sensible approach to thehospitals, clinics and offices. Also, as an environmental concern, we wouldn’tneed to use so much of papers anymore and yet it is eco-friendly. EmploymentThe impact of computertowards employment is very useful.

Computer allows us to search on the interneton the jobs that we are interested in. It gives us a brief explanation on thejobs we are searching for. Computers also make works easier for the employmentby typing everything in the computer instead of writing it.

We can just savethe work into a file and then email to the boss or colleagues. Not only that,people who want to apply for jobs, they can use the computer to do theirresume. They can search websites that can teach them how to do a resume too.Certain apps are already made to do a complete resume. Having computers towardsemployment changes the world effectively and greatly. If people who don’t wantto work during office hours, they can work at home by doing online jobs. Allthey need is just a computer or laptop to work. It is also a modern way foryoung adults to work part-time.

  Doingonline jobs is very popular now so having a computer or laptop is veryimportant. Without it, we can never complete our work or apply for online jobs.The world is expanding and growing rapidly every day with new technologies forus to use. We can now see that how important technologies are to all of us. Weuse technology every day 24/7. Without it, it makes our lives difficult to liveand hard to communicate with the people around us.

Therefore, if there are nocomputers for employers to use, there will be no one to apply jobs and everyonewould be jobless. It then affects our society and the future of ourpeople.  In conclusion, I stronglybelieve that the impact of computers towards employment is very indeed usefuland important to all of us humans.

CommercialThe impact of computerstowards commercials is very useful in our daily lives. Every day wherever we goto, we can see commercials everywhere whether it’s on billboards, highways,internet, or television. Commercials allow us humans who are at home, work oron the road to be notified of the things happening around us. For example, abig sale at shopping malls, or the latest fashion trends, or even the latestSmartphone, etc. Commercials are usually made from computers.

It starts withall the graphic designing, and then follow by the editing of pictures andadding colours, then there are the effects of the pictures and finally theprocessing of the whole commercial. There’s a lot of work to be done to make asuccessful commercial, therefore a computer or laptop is always needed to makeit successful. Obviously, no one wants to look at a drawing or a sketch of acommercial right? Video commercials also need to be done by the computer. It isalmost the same as picture commercials but with video editing and soundeffects. If the video commercial is not outstanding, no one would want to watchit.

That’s why we need computers to give the video the best effects andgraphics. Without computers, there’ll be no commercials. Without commercials,we wouldn’t know if there’s a sale at the mall, or the latest fashion trend instores. So, computers are extremely important to do commercials. Everythinglinks with technology. Technology makes everything so convenient for all of us.To conclude, computers are so important to us and our daily lives, we can’tlive without it.

It completes our daily lives and task in a way that can’t beexplained. We can all agree that technology somehow lives inside all of uswhether we need it or not. Graphics andMultimediaThe effect on graphicsand multimedia sure is a huge advancement in these industries as it not onlyboosts the game developing industries but also the animation industries too.

With animation which can be made really close to reality is a wish made my lotsand lots of animation directors. However, with the presence of computerapplications, everything is possible! Lightings, appearance and even movementstoo can be now enhanced with our very well-known computer programs such asPhotoshop to make things to be more realistic, temporary bending the law ofphysics and law of nature. While things are being very convenient in the sensewhere even things like the environment itself can be edited, these industrieswill have a great figure of earnings and profits in the game or box officeitself. With a low budget, computer applications did save the cost on lot ofworks as shootings can be done in a very short time and also development ofmodules can be done in an even shorter time. In contrast to all the benefitsitself, there are some drawbacks according to the technicians too. Due toextreme dependent on the computer application, professionals are now needed torun or activate the system, ensuring its smoothness. This could increase thecost on manpower hiring otherwise. Hiring a professional is never a cheapoption and everyone knew about it.

However, without the knowledge on how thesesystems work, there is no other substitute than hiring a professional orlearning on your own. As these industries talk about working efficiency too,working speed is one thing which is always considered by the superiors.Learning take times and just to secure a job in this field, a postgraduatecertificate is also needed. For the trend right now, studying or pursuing an ITpostgraduate qualification is never a bad idea as there are very high demandson the market right now.BankingImpact of computerapplications on banking sure made a huge different compared to back then.

Instead of queuing up with the long queue in the bank, now everything is justin the tip of our fingers. Online shopping? No problem! Paying deposits? Easy!Money transfer? Just move your finger a little bit and voila! Everything is soeasy that wow, it also made hacking very easy to be done. Did I just say’hacking’? Yes, you did not get it wrong! Hacking is possible from anywhere, aslong as you have any electronical device with you. Heard of ‘making wonders’?Now it is your wish coming true by doing this so-called ‘wonder’ by any means.

Oh no, not encouraging you to go around and do hacking as you like. It is justa point to point out that with the existence of computer applications, evennegative things like hacking could put your life on edge. What if your moneycould be stolen without breaking the bank but just by online hacking? Isn’tthis a lot more dangerous? Breaking into the bank only means that the banksuffers the lost but not targeting any bank account holders whereas onlinehacking is targeting the bank account holder itself. If their plan wentsmoothly especially for scammers, better get ready and say goodbye to yourlifelong savings! Just a simple fact, do you know that just with a single callasking you to send a text of a certain figure to a specific number could be thetotal amount cheated from your bank account? You might be thinking that you’resafe, but you are not as you have never thought of this: ‘how do they have mynumber?’. Getting your number was only the beginning, getting your personalprofile like where you stay, your job occupation including your bank accountnumber is also easy and that is where the scary part of scamming kicks in.Remember to be always cautious as now ‘wonders’ can happen everywhere inanyone’s favour!CommunicationImpact of computerapplications on communication is definitely seen everywhere. From our well-knownsocial media like Facebook and Twitter, connecting people who are far away fromus is never hard.

After some time, even the computer gets to use phonecommunication applications like how Whatsapp is now. If without using socialmedia, even e-mail is usable as well. We have Google mail, Yahoo mail, Hotmailetc. All these mail servers are very useful as it can be used conveniently inhome and workplaces usually.

Not only communication for personal life, butcommunication for business usage is also common nowadays. Why do we receive ane-receipt after taking Grab? It is a kind of communication between the companyitself and the customers to acknowledge them the validity of the serviceprovided. Even though this goodness is now being used worldwide, there are sideeffects too on the use of computer applications for communication wise. When itis addictive sometimes, face-to-face interaction has been significantdecreased.

When you’re out eating with your family, try to observe which tabledoes not have any electronical devices on their tables? This can causemiscommunication for people who are nearby. Not only to those who are nearby,messages can be interpreted in a false manner where miscommunication can alsotake place. It was invented to make communication easier but why it is stillcausing problems instead? This is really up to the service providers to look upfor it themselves by promoting healthy use of their services and if possible,solve the problem once and for all to avoid any unnecessary problems to riseever again. What if any personal data leaked out to hackers outside? Theremight be people pretending to be you by creating another account.

Why not takesome advantage when you are so vulnerable at that very moment to scams likemoney scamming, fake profile etc. Thus, it is not surprising if anyone eversaid the advance of technology is not something good.MilitaryUse of computerapplications in the military? That might sound surprising but no, it is notsurprising at all. Why do they use it? Most of the time is it stay alert withtheir surroundings. For example, their base camps are asked to report theirsituation and with the help of these well-developed technologies, everythingwhich used to take days to be done can now be done with a snap on the finger.Hilarious isn’t it? The military became even more organised thanks to thesewonderful creations that existed in the mankind. All these secretive andconfidential information can not only be kept with the traditional way, worryof being destroyed or stolen. However, with this, these worries are now never ahassle.

It is amazing that the training and education of the soldiers can nowcontribute by using the computer application. However, the whole world has noborders at all. The moment our side are using these advanced mechanisms, theothers are too.

Problems such as hacking and intruding still exist, instead ofintruding into the camp with a high risk, now it can be done in a digital way.As the confidential documents are being digitalized, this means that it can bereached upon with digital methods. This has created a new threat even thoughthe old threat has almost been eliminated. What if the enemies intruded intothe computer system? It is very common to see armies intrude each other’scomputer system for the sake of their next possible war or battle preparation.It is shameful to say but hey, who cares about humanity and ethical policieswhen it comes to things like these? It might not always have caused by hackingfrom other places. As everyone is a human being, there is no doubt thatcareless mistakes can happen as well.

Have you heard of the leaking of certaininformation throughout the Internet? It is another risk factor to really takeconsideration on very carefully.Office AutomationOffice automation,something really difficult to handle or even talk about. Do you remember howslow it was before all these advanced technologies were introduced to theworld? How much work it can do compared to just manpower? Those time sure itwas like a rock hitting you really hard when the job was halfway done, and thedifference of numbers compared to now are still never as capable as theproduction rate required. Now to cut cost, instead of hiring more manpower,machines are gradually taking over human’s job. Everything In any office worksare almost completely digitalized.

For example, writing a proposal, giving areport or even typing a letter. Do you still take a piece of paper out and thenhold on your pen and write every single word by your very own hands? I wouldsay the only moment you use your pen is when you are signing a contract orapproval. Let us talk about documentation of data. Are you still expectingevery single document to be placed nicely in a special room with tight securityor perhaps, a secret pathway or door? Oh no, that is so dramatic, and you know,old fashioned. Why you prefer an old school way when you can choose to keepsome of it in your company’s computer? Things has become so convenient untilthe extend where reaching your items can even be locked digitally. Oh, seemslike it had turn the life of any possible espionages hard. However, not onlythe technology itself is experiencing evolution, even the methods used by theespionages too. Disrupting CCTV surveillance with a red laser beam, breakinginto the room and steal data physically and that’s all? Not at all.

Since mostconfidential data from the company is meant to be kept away from the majority,the hardcopy might never exist at all. A new threat is through hacking orinserting any modified USB drives which can copy every single data whileinserted, automatically. There is no 100% safe method to prevent any thefts inthis world without boundaries. 


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