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China has been the most highly populated country in the world for innumerable years. Its population on December 1st 2010 was approximately 1,355,033,812 (Population of China 2010 n. p.). From a head count of almost 660 million in 1961, the figure rose rapidly and crossed the one billion mark between 1981 and ’82 (Population of

Introduction racial and ethnic groups, which vary

Introduction Races entail social realities, which form potent constituents of personal identities in the society. Most studies show that races arise from self-identification and they are sometimes consistent with various ancestral foundations. However, the social categorization and classification of different individuals in the society is based on various racial and ethnic groups, which vary from

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World War II  also known as the Second World War was the largest and most Violent global war which started on September 1, 1939 and lasted for six years. It was a battle between two groups of countries the Axis Germany, Italy, and Japan against the Allies, United Kingdom, United States, and The Soviet Union.

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His shyness kept him distant from her and his fear of her manipulation made him cold to her in public. When word spread and reached Empress Maria Theresa in 1777, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI had not yet practiced their marriage, Maria Theresa immediately send her son, Joseph II, to France to act like a

Comparison mainly focused on reducing the possible

Comparison of American presidents George W. Bush and Barrack Obama to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis has become very common. After eight years of comparing George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler, Obama is also receiving the same treatment. The actions, believes and personal associations of Obama are compared to those of Hitler on many internet

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Theexperience of economic hardship on the scale is the reason why a lot ofcountries and its people is suffering and has unavoidable politicalconsequences. It makes all kinds of social antagonisms kinds become moreintense. This is because the struggle for economic opportunities becomes moreextreme and the cost of losing out cannot be supported. Moreover, it supports


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