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In the article “The Relationship between Intragenerational and Intergenerational Ecological Justice” Glotzbach and Baumgärter identify the three logically possible hypotheses concerning the relationship between intragenerational and intergenerational ecological justice: independency, facilitation and rivalry. In addition to that, the authors successfully reveal the arguments in favour of each hypothesis and their underlying assumptions and interpretations. The

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10.  Further Encourages Transparency International to cooperatewith Member States to monitor, inspect and report corruption within thegovernments and law enforcement forces specifically focusing on small arms andlight weapons manufacturing, brokering and trade, in order to ensure theprevention of any illicit activities. 9.     Further calls upon all Member States to cooperate at a regional andsub-regional level, and using

 The first session of the Continental Congress assembled at Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia. Fifty-six delegates from all the colonies (except Georgia), involving very important people like John Adams, Samuel Adams, George Washington, and Patrick Henry,drafted a declaration of wrongs and rights. Peyton Randolph the representative from Virginia was elected the president of the first continental

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In a clinic setting, VR innovation MPathic is being utilized to show med trainees how to break the terrible news to patients and their families. By utilizing MPathic, trainees can learn effective compassionate relational abilities and find how to decipher verbal and nonverbal prompts from characters in a situation, and react with the most fitting

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Did you know in Quechua, things are said with more feelings, with more depth, when one speaks of people who fought for the independence of Peru? Quechua is a beautiful language with many quirky sounds. It continues to be a major staple in South America as it was spread many years ago to different regions

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Inhis book, Malcolm Gladwell, a writer for TheNew Yorker introduces the concept of “ThinSlicing”. It is the ability to find patterns in events based on narrow windowsof experience. It is also the ability to identify and process without havingany conscious knowledge of doing so and it is responsible for most of ourbehaviors. Gladwellwho is not a

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Whileincreasing global trade has accelerated regional integration movements, thesocial, economic, diplomatic and political interactions among countries haveincreased rapidly. Theories are tools that enable us to analyze internationalrelations and their power of explanation is not limitless. A theory that canexplain all international developments alone has not yet been developed. Inthis context, it seems to be the

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I think that greed is a state ofmind that on the one hand is intrinsic in trading activity and well accepted,on the other hand if excessive and out of control can swiftly sweep away youraccount. Moreover, a bit of greed, a “healthy” greed is welcome,doors wide open! Thinking about a successful trader, and how much

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Thepatterns and characteristics of homicide in the United StatesIntroductionsHomicides have been in existence since the beginning ofancient times, Americans kill each other every day. It is unfortunate thattoday a citizen of America is 20 times more likely to be murdered throughhomicides based grounds other than any other form of natural death such asillness and accidents.


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