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The socioeconomic disparities are one of the main determinants of developments in regions. The unequal distributions of the national resources make certain region to develop at the expense of others. This sees the government undertake major projects in given locations, while neglecting others, resulting in an unequal growth and development. While an area may have

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From 1945 to 1997 the Asian economic miracle fuelled, what was regarded at the time of expansion, as one of the greatest expansions of wealth ever experienced. Many theorists and economists were speaking confidently about an ‘Asian Century’. Many had predicted that by 2020 the Asia Pacific region would produce 40 percent of the world

Discrimination at the workplace is generally of race,

Discrimination is one of the mostpersistent malpractices in the employment sector. During the Jim-Crow era,incidences of discrimination at the workplace were based on skin color. Mostblacks were denied opportunities of entering into good paying jobs andaccessing education. McDonald (2012, p.10) indicated that women were blockedfrom employment before the emergence of women movement in the nineteenthcentury.

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Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations,The delegate of Indonesia recommends UNHRC to discuss about the agenda of ‘Protecting human rights through ensuring sanitary and reliable water supply.’ Water is at the core of sustainable development and plays a key role in socio-economic development, energy and food production, healthy ecosystems and human

Introduction to an increase in the national debt

Introduction The United States of America is currently facing domestic problems ranging from social, economic to health care issues. Some of these problems can be related to the formulation of bad policies of governance by the federal government and the ignorance of the people of the United States of America and the overwhelming global recession

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Introduction During the early national period, slavery was as normal as breathing. It was legal, popular and was expanding every day. In his book, “American expansion and the origins of Deep South”, Adam Rothman argues that we must understand the origin of the Deep South if we are to understand the expansion of slavery during

Introduction departments which deal with particular blockades

Introduction The government of China has developed an impressive system that monitors and regulates electronic communication. There are quite a number of modern technological artilleries which the government uses in surveying electronic communication. One of these weapons is used in filtering messages which are conveyed over the internet. The Chinese mainland government has been involved

Beginning a variety of environmental issues including air

            Beginning in the 18th century, theworld has undergone incredible growth in economic development andindustrialization. This growth has in turn fueled increased consumption and hasresulted in heavy pollution and environmental degradation. There is no clearerexamples of this causational relationship than the United States and China.Boasting the two largest economies in


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