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Technology is vital for most businesses and makes everything so much simpler and easier for people, technology improves businesses and makes run more efficiently. Technology is replacing normal manual workers, so instead of people doing the work they have machines to replace them, as it saves the business money in wages and salaries. With technology,

In entered the business market in 1999,

In today’s society, teenagers strive for good looks and fashion which causes them to spend massive amounts of money and hours shopping at malls. At the same time in malls, stores compete with other stores in persuading teenagers to spend more money. Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 are two very popular and competitive stores that

The abundance of scandal and gossip stories

The stimulus for the creation of ‘Fireworks and a number twenty-two’ derived from columns and articles found in many women’s magazines today. These features tell of various events the writers have experienced and convey the accounts in a very ‘earthy’, ‘honest’ and ‘raw’ way. This allows the reader to connect with the writer through a

Roland work then extended over many field

Roland Barthes was born in 1915 in Cherbourg in France. He spent much of his life teaching and researching, but later turned to writing where he developed his structuralist approach to French culture and become a contemporary French literacy critic, philosopher and educator. Bathes then become greatly recognised as French semiotician in 1960’s where he

This furthers the accuracy of Chibnall’s theory

 This furthers the accuracy of Chibnall’s theory by incorporating the element of ‘Personalisation’ in to the text, making the victim real and reiterating the ‘virgin attacked by monster’ theory4, as the victim was doing a routine task, not something that would ordinarily place anyone in danger. The article then explains the procedures taken by the

On invite sex. Media text 2 (Appendix

 On the other hand, female readers might consider the text as constructing the female bodies as objects of scrutiny, suggesting at the same time that female sexuality is active and that women might invite sex. Media text 2 (Appendix 2) is an advertisement on women’s lingerie. For male readers, they would likely interpret the text

The is in dialogue with people such

The terms postmodern and hypermodern are consistently present in the work of Gilles Lipovetsky. Postmodernity generally describes the cultural and economic state of society which emerged towards the end of the 20th century, after the age of modernity in which we saw a move away from feudalism towards a more capitalist, surveillance society. Hypermodernity comes


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