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There is a positive correlation between drug and alcohol abuse and suicide. Globally, it is estimated that close to a million suicide relate deaths are reported. The situation has become worse in the United States, where statistics indicate that the suicide rate in the population between 35-55 has between 1999 and 2013. The statistics indicate

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According to Jamie Oberteli (27 October 2007, online) of www. mortgagesplutions-online. com, the sales of flats increased between 2003 and 2007 to 71% of the housing market in comparison to 14% between 1995 and 2000. In 2001 only 175,000 houses were built and since 1995 the number of new houses built has been 12. 5%

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Virginia Woolf is one of the most highly acclaimed female authors and feminists of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Her essay and lecture, ‘A room of one’s Own,’ clearly demonstrates her attitude and opinions towards a patriarchal society during her lifetime. Woolf portrays her judgments through the use of language, style, narrative, and outspoken viewpoints

The attributes of sex that defines the individual

The differences between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ and the issues that surround them are found at the heart of most of the key features of Cultural Studies – representation, identity & subjectivity, ideology, power and social construction to name a few.The sex/gender distinction is widely used among cultural theorists and post-feminists as it is considered a

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This essay aims to further the understanding of the meaning and significance of the concept of postmodernism and the culture surrounding it, by exploring the distinctive role which television and films play in modern societies. It highlights the ways in which movies and programmes have altered and continue to alter our everyday experiences. Since the

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On the 26th December in 2004 a devastating tsunami worked the world. The events began just before 7 a. m. (midnight GMT Saturday) when a massive earthquake, 9. 0, the strongest in the world since 1964 struck just 100 miles off Ache’s coast. The tsunami swamped shores, villages, the jungle and Ache’s capital, Banda Ache,

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Why does a person work the number of hours that they do? This has been a question of much research over many years by labour economists. It is a question which has important policy implications for government as to how much they should tax workers income, how high they should set the minimum wage and

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The film I have chosen to outline and discuss with regard to narrative construction is Taxi Driver (1976). However, before I can look further I shall need to briefly define ‘narrative. ‘ The Media Students Book defines narrative as “a complex term referring to a sequence of events organised into a story with a particular

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 4 Common Elements – The newsletter contains all the common elements of a newsletter these are:  Date Not all of these Common Elements have been included in this newsletter there is no date anywhere on the newsletter. But all the others have been included. 5 Layout – The first thing on the newsletter is the

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 The belief of a certain group to be superior to another group can be related to the theory of social comparison, where by a human has a basic need to obtain, through comparison between themselves and others in a positive manor, self esteem (Suls & Miller, 1977). This can result in very lively relationships developing

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  The home on the other hand remains the pure and goodly antithesis of the external- it is female. Chatterjee asserts that by matching gender roles to the home/world dichotomy one can see gender roles as answered by nationalism which answer the women’s question (Yegenoglu: 1998: 124-125). The spiritual sphere so essential for differenitating between East

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The phenomenal success of her crud novel the Beloved shows that Morrison has succeeded in plumbing the deepness and comprehensiveness, the diverseness and wander of black feminine experience. Beloved is based on the true narrative of Margaret Garner, a runaway from Kentucky who attempted to kill her kids instead than hold them enslaved when they

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This last point illustrates a concept which has been central to debate on this topic in recent years. The theories of Edward Said expounded in his book Orientalism posit that Western imperialist nations are responsible for constructing an identity of the colonised which helps to justify colonisation. The theory, here summarised by Peter Barry, suggests

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 With increased numbers of older people, one would assume that this would provide greater representation and participation in the politics of the 21st century. However, quite the opposite has occurred and in Thatcher’s vain attempts to control the amassing numbers of older people she implemented policies which in the long run ran the risk of

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I am making my essay on Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. I pick this novel because it has interesting subjects such as civilization differences, affinity, and manfulness. I besides choose this novel because of its manners and some of its subjects are the usage of Proverbss in Things Fall Apart, the manner Achebe portrayed

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There are multiple ways to analyse a literary work, through the footing of the critical attacks. The reader can choose any of them in order to analyse his or her piece of work. Particularly in order to analyse this narrative I am traveling to utilize the Psychological attack.Washington IrvingA?s narrative, “ The Adventure Of The

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The first inquiry is, in fact, a inquiry, presenting the subject of the verse form. The undermentioned inquiries, nevertheless, are rhetorical. Their replies are obvious to the reader. Rhetorical inquiries have power because the reader ( or hearer, in the instance of a address ) makes the connexion between inquiry and reply for himself. Besides,

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An Ode to the West Wind is a verse form by Percy Bushy Shelley that shows the correspondence between the inner and the outer universe of the poet. It is among his celebrated verse forms. The major subject of the verse form is the poet ‘s purpose to go a force that may convey the

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William Shakespeare ‘s Richard III belongs to the drama genre known as histories. This deals with the events in England after the Norman Conquest that occurred in 1066. Although it is frequently viewed that this drama is a subsequence to earlier historical dramas such as the trilogy of Henry VI, Richard III is performed and


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