economic situation he allows himself to be “bullied” by others of better economic status into doing things that make him uncomfortable. Upon Susan’s death, Frank’s conscious interferes and for a moment he appears remorseful: ” when a man has been an hundred years, Hard travelling o’re the tottering bridge of age, He’s not the thousandth part upon his way. All life is but a wandering to find home: When we are gone, we are there. Happy were man, Could here his Voyage end; he should not then Answer how well or ill he steered his Soul, By Heaven’s or by Hell’s Compass; how he put in  at such a sin; Nor how life’s dear provision he has spent: Nor how far he in’s Navigation went Beyond Commission. This were a fine Reign, To do ill, and not hear of it again. Yet then were Man more wretched than a Beast: For, Sister, our dead pay is sure the best. (4. 2. 28-42) His speech demonstrates that Frank has come into grasp with reality again and has realized the difference between good and evil. However, it also it creates a stereotypical interpretation of the poorer class and that not only are they more susceptible to turn to witchcraft because they are struggling, but also that they act more rashly when faced with difficult circumstances. This themes and ideology was also exemplified in Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, where the mob is viewed as an indecisive group of people, and although they are quite intelligent, they tend to act on impulse alone. Furthermore, in Jacobean times economic status played a large role in paranoia with witchcraft and portrayed the poor badly.The play along with Jacobean theater in general can be controversial considering playwrights tend to sensationalize true events to either appeal to the audience’s perspective or hide metaphorical meanings that exemplify their own perspective on things. Through The Witch of Edmonton the playwrights demonstrated how gender norms relate to the result of certain controversial events along with how societal pressures and internal struggles motivate them into more than they need to be.


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