MD Enterprissess is a new
and dynamic company owned by Mrs. Prabha Nagendiran which was started and
registered in 2015.  She was from a
middle class family. As like most of us, she dreamt of becoming a teacher
during her childhood days but due to family situations and the societal norms
she had to give up on her studies after her plus 2 and was married at the age
of 18.

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Even though her family was
very orthodox, Mrs. Prabha was blessed to have a partner who encouraged her to
continue her studies. With his support she did BA(Hindi) through correspondence
and joined MA(Hindi) in Pondicherry University. She was very quiet and shy
during her college days. She was so hesitant to even speak with her own
classmates. Unable to cope up with this, she decided to quit her studies . But
Dr. Padmapriya, the then HOD advised and stimulated her continue her Post Graduate
degree. This made her overcome fear and she even received scholarship for her
excellance in academics. Mrs. Prabha completed her Masters with 75%



After her M.A., she joined a
private school named Vijayanjali and was a teacher for four years.  Mr. Nagendiran was a Sculptor, he used to
sculpt only using his hands. After the introduction of big new machines in his
field, there was a drop in his work and earnings as those who used machines
were able to complete the work earlier and cheaper comparatively.

Mrs. Prabha wanted to
support her family financially, but she was unable to continue her carrier in
teaching as she had a new born baby at that time. And if she had been a
teacher, she has to work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.



Mrs. Prabha Nagendiran had
an idea of starting a business and that was the she met her classmate Mr.
Karthik. He told her about starting his new venture and asked her if she could
join it.   Mrs. Prabha started managing
the activists in his Bag manufacturing company, where Mr. Karthik contributed
only capital and the management was completely handled by Mrs. Prabha.

After 3 years, Mr. Karthik
without even any prior discussion, suddenly shut down the Bag Manufacturing
company.  At that point of time Mrs.
Prabha who wanted to support her family financially almost don’t know what to



The above mentioned incident
instigated her to start a business of her own. As she had been managing all the
activities from top to bottom in that Bag manufacturing enterprise, She decided
to lay foundation of a similar Bag Manufacturing business. As she had
experience of how to carry on a bag business she was confidently nailed to
start up this.



Mrs. Prabha Nagendiran
started ‘MD ENTERPRISESS’. Initially she made an investment of Rs.2 lakhs. It
was created and aimed at offering high quality bags at a very reasonable
wholesale price delivered at anywhere in India. 
They used to buy quality raw materials from Chennai. The materials which
she purchases from Chennai are: Rexene (polyesters guaranteed ergonomic), fine
quality thread and long lasting Zips. 
She places order for materials as and when she receives a bulk order
from her customers. Usually there is a high demand of bags during the month of
May and June.  They need to work for
atleast 4 months in advance to meet the demand during the peak time.



Initial capital contributed
for the purpose of starting this business was Rs.2 lakhs. She records the
income and expenses in a notebook and no accountant is being appointed for this
purpose. MD Enterprisess has been paying Sales Tax since it has been started.


The motto or tag line behind
this enterprise is that “We don’t do
fashion, are bags are fashion”


Initially when the business
was started only 2 people were employed. Well trusted people who are been
suggested by known people are being employed in this enterprise. All the
materials and the model of the bags will be done by Mrs. Prabha and will be
sent to the tailors, who would stitch them and return it to her.  As of now, she doesn’t roof all the tailors
in one building. They are located at different places in Puducherry. They are
being paid based on the number of pieces they stitch. At present there are 8 employees
of which one of them is a female. Vetri, Velu, Balaji, Vijay, Pugazh, Deva,
Durai and Vasuki, who work only for her from different areas are the current



The following are the
different products manufactured and sold by MD Enterprisess:

Ø  School
and college bags

Ø  Lunch

Ø  Seminar

Ø  Travel

Ø  Hand

Some of the hand bags sold is
brought from Bangalore by Mrs. Prabha.


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