Our vision is to develop into a universal reference program in the provision of early childhood education as evidenced by the all round products channeled to the elementary schools. All the stake holders shall endeavor towards working in the attainment of this vision. This will be by functioning in congruence with the mission pertaining to the maximum benefits accrued by the child. The program will assess progress towards attaining the vision by evaluating the child’s performance. This shall be a motivation factor to the curriculum deliverers and supervisors since it will serve as the benchmark for their performance.

This will go a long way towards ensuring the children have a protected and nurturing environment to stimulate their growth under the watch of loving adults. Attainment of the hopes and dreams is enhanced by complementing the children. Through this mutual coexistence, the program will be able to attain its vision and that of the child consequently facilitating excellence in experiences (Decker, Decker, Freeman & Knopf, 2009).

Mission of early Childhood program

Our mission is to furnish children with societal, bodily, rational, creative and emotional skills that will provide a solid foundation to their lives. These skills will be essential at the various developmental stages and critical in helping them to succeed in all spheres (Barnett & Jason, 2003). The school shall endeavor to provide the highest attainable standards of quality of education. Customizing the curriculum and tailoring it with the needs of the diverse children will form the basis of the early childhood course. The program shall endeavor to cut across all abilities of the child to ensure a uniform field for all the children.

Issues pertaining to child neglect are consequently addressed. The program shall endeavor to create a mutual attachment among the children. This is to ensure the child fits in society and learns mutual coexistence at that early stage. Their intellectual capacity will also be widened through practical activities that will involve direct contact with the surroundings (Decker et al., 2009). This will, in addition, facilitate identification of special skills and their subsequent nurturing by the trained program facilitators.


As initiators of the early childhood program, it is our belief that the ability to develop varies among children. This belief has made us develop and avail a curriculum that takes care of all children regardless of their abilities.

The curriculum is balanced to ensure it is child friendly and workable for maximum efficiency. The early child program supports the institution of the family and its significance in child development. The program endeavors to reinforce family values and makes the child aware of its position in their lives. (Decker et al., 2009) Moreover, the diversity of the structures and beliefs of different families is also taken care of by personalized attendance to the children. The program also recognizes the significance of extra-curriculum activities in the child’s life. These include talents, artistry and methodical skills that are naturally acquired.

The school curriculum embraces these and taps them at that early developmental stage. A suitable setting for children to mature is thus created. This will then facilitate specialization and maximization of such abilities. The existence of a super natural being that controls everything is also emphasized.

The program has deeply entrenched spiritual values that are passed on to the child. Despite the diversity in the religious views, the school emphasizes on the reality of God. The child is equipped with knowledge about God and his significance in life, a condition that goes a along way in helping the child develop spiritual values.


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